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Saving the Lives of Veterans and First Responders with PTSD
March 2019  

Excerpts from The New-Life Times Newsletter!

Learn how being a part of the New Life program has changed the lives of inmates in these excerpts from CMC's newsletter The New-Life Times:
“I realized that for the first time in my life I was now responsible for another living being. Gregor is not going to be "my" dog, but for roughly the next two years he is my responsibility to love, care, nurture, and guide in his journey to becoming a full-access service dog. Gregor’s "job" one day is to become a companion dog; a helpmate to a Veteran or First Responder with PTSD, and my job is to teach him how to grow into that role.”
“Entering NLK9s as a Teacher/Handler created another opportunity of truth-seeking, making amends, restoration, and healing for me. All thanks to the gift of a twelve month old Duley Lab. With every passing day, I am learning to reconnect with my humanity.”
 -from Gregor and I (Reflections of a Handler) by NLK9 Handler: Osa Inthavong

*Picture is of Rusty with his CMC handler

New Puppy Alert
Welcome Leon, one of our new puppies, to the crew! Come check out our dog's page on the New Life website and join a puppy team to show them some love.
It is thanks to supporters like you that our dogs are able to improve the lives of veterans and first responders!

Join a Puppy Team
Warrior Support Dogs
Congratulations to Lonnie, previously known as Gracie, for graduating as a warrior support dog. She will be joining another previous member of our team, Doc, as a Student Support Dog at California State University Channel Islands.

Follow the link below to learn more about where other support dogs are now! 
Warrior Support Dogs

Congratulations CMC Crew!

The inmates at the California Men's Colony created a volunteer recycling program to help cover some of the costs of their 
New Life K9's branch. A post from the Inside CDCR newsletter details how the money raised goes towards buying treats, toys, educational tools and grooming supplies for the dogs as well as video equipment to record training videos!

Click the link below to learn more about the inmates involved with our New Life programs!

Inmate Impact

Our March Thank You!

Thank you to all of you! It is because of all your help that we are able to continue to save the lives of first responders and veterans as well as the inmates who dedicate their time to helping their communities. We are so grateful to the supporters and donors that make everything we do possible!
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New Life K9s

Saving Lives through the Healing Power of the Human-Canine Bond

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