"Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with that there is."
―Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea

Magic Chef Booklet
We know you're all cooking up your own fresh batches. Try a historic recipe from our collection. 
(1950s Magic Chef booklet, 75.101.20)
Most of us are approaching a month of staying at home. The good news: It’s still spring out there. (Can’t you tell?)

Many of our mountain communities are asking nonresidents to stay away for now, to make sure residents have access to the medical resources they might need. But Gunnison County has taken the strongest stand of all, and they’re not afraid to mess with Texas. It’s not surprising, really. It’s just Gunnison being Gunnison, as you’ll hear in the latest drop from Lost Highways.

We’ve assembled a fresh batch of our best stuff—podcasts, good reads, hands-on fun for the kids, and some favorites from our friends—to keep you from even being tempted to go anywhere. 

But before we get to all that...a shout-out to the Easter Bunny, who bundled up and put tracks in the snow to deliver the goods this weekend. Because essential workers get the job done. Hooooooowl!

Border Insecurity

Gunnison (also) closed its borders to non-residents in 1918, but we’re smuggling you into town with Lost Highways. The new episode takes you behind the blockade and around the state to see what worked and what didn’t the last time Colorado confronted a pandemic.

For All You Artists-in-Residence

When the History Colorado Center reopens (we’ll let you know here—in the meantime, we’re #DoingMyPartCO), we’re excited to unveil Hecho en Colorado, an exhibition of Latino artists created in partnership with the Latino Cultural Arts Center. While we’re all sitting tight, here’s the next best thing: a free coloring book drawn by the same amazing artists. Perfect for artists of all ages (or just folks who need a little stress relief), it’s available to download here.

Making History at Home

When the museum is closed, build your own! This Friday, kids can learn how to make DIY exhibits @ home and create the monument to your heroic homeschooling efforts that you deserve (obviously). Check out Hands-On History @ Home this Friday at 10 am. It’s perfect for the history makers we live with, and something to keep the kids busy all day—heck, all weekend! (Gerbil-sized museum optional.)

Share Your Story—It Matters!

Our “Collecting COVID-19: History in the Making” initiative is growing. We’re working with the Colorado Media Project to ensure that our collection captures a wide variety of voices, like yours, in every part of the state. Listen to Colorado Matters on CPR this morning (or catch it online later) to hear about all the ways you can share your story.
Marissa Page makes chalk art while living under Colorado's stay-at-home order with her husband and son in Denver. Ukulele practice, cooking, and art projects round out their days. Marissa donated this photo to help us document our shared historical moment. PH.COVID.0001
Marissa Page makes chalk art while living under Colorado's stay-at-home order with her husband and son in Denver. Ukulele practice, cooking, and art projects round out their days. Marissa donated this photo to help us document our shared historical moment. PH.COVID.0001
What’s on Your Couchside Reading Table?
One of our readers is finding solace in books of western travel and adventure. Great idea! Our editor likes James Galvin’s homage to northern Colorado, The Meadow, and Ron Carlson’s tense Wyoming novel The Signal. What do you recommend? Email your ideas to publications@state.co.us and we’ll share them here with your fellow readers. 

Taking Things Day by Day 📆

During another hard time, Coloradans got a lift from some not-so-average Joes. “When five boys from Joes, a farm town in Yuma County, dashed out onto a Chicago basketball court on an April day in 1929, their remarkable tale blossomed into legend,” writes Derek Everett in our newest book. The town of Joes got its name—we kid you not—because of all the guys on area farms named “Joe.” Their team made back-to-back runs at the national title and even took on the Harlem Globetrotters, offering Coloradans “a ray of hope during the Great Depression.” Read all about it—and scratch that itch for sports—in Colorado Day by Day, from our friends at Tattered Cover or (instant gratification!) as an ebook.

Doing Some Soul-Searching?

Colorado Poet Laureate Bobby LeFebre shares words of inspiration for these times we're in.

Gone to the Dogs (and Cats)🐕 🐈 

Even though the museums’ doors are closed, we’re still hard at work. Meet our new coworkers (just watch out for the new copy editor—she’ll tell you social distancing means two spaces after a period). 

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

There’s always good in the world. So says actor John Krasinski in SGN—as in, Some Good News. In this segment, when a girl named Aubrey couldn’t see Hamilton in New York in person, the cast brought Hamilton to her. (We’re still hoping Coloradans can go see Hamilton at the DCPA this fall.)

Doing Our Part

Earlier this month we gave Kaiser Permanente our last batch of masks and face shields, which they need more than we do right now. Applause to our fellow museums who’ve done the same. #DoingMyPartCO
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