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This Month is...

Housing & Homelessness

Awareness Month

Domestic violence is a primary cause of homelessness for women and children. A staggering 92 percent of women who are homeless report having experienced severe physical and/or sexual assault at some point in their lives. Approximately 50 percent of all women who are homeless report that domestic violence was the immediate cause of their homelessness. Still other studies suggest that many women experiencing homelessness are survivors of domestic violence, even if it's not the cause of their homelessness. Domestic violence survivors are routinely met with discrimination when finding new housing; a lack of affordable housing and housing assistance further limits their options. 
This month, you'll find resources on working with survivors at risk for or experiencing homelessness. Check out our monthly Housing Newsletter for regular access to emerging topics on these issues.
And be sure to join us November 15th from 1pm-2pm for a TwitterChat during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness and Action Week. We will be discussing causes of homelessness and ways communities can speak up and take meaningful action to address homelessness. If you’d like to be a partner host of this chat with us, please let Amy Pohl know by November 12th the name/email address of the person who will be tweeting for you and the Twitter handle you’ll be using for the chat. #hhweek

Resources and Upcoming Trainings on Homelessness/Housing and Domestic Violence

Violence FreeColorado: Housing Program Webpage: offering resources, articles, and other toolkits  on sheltering, housing and homelessness issues as they relate to domestic violence

Safe Housing Partnership: Website for the Domestic Violence and Housing Technical Assistance Consortium

Domestic Violence Housing First: The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Homelessness
National Latin@ Network: Finding a Way: Innovative housing solutions of Latin@ survivors of domestic violence and successful practices of culturally specifc community-based organizations 
HUD: Coordinated Entry Management and Data Guide (includes information for domestic and/or sexual violence survivors and programs)

Coalition Updates

Ellen Stein Wallace
Campaign Manager

Stand Up Colorado

What is the Stand Up Colorado Helpline? It's a resource for YOU!
I know this is still relatively new, so wanted to remind you all that when someone who uses abusive behaviors calls your crisis line for services, please remember to refer them to the Stand Up Colorado Helpline. I know that historically we have just let them know that we don't provide these services, but now you do have someplace specific to refer them. The Helpline will connect them with DV treatment providers who have agreed to take 'voluntary clients', those not mandated into treatment but seeking such services voluntarily.
For example, the Helpline recently received a call from someone who had an altercation with his partner where he had taken her phone from her and shoved her when she tried to get it back. Previously he’d felt that his behavior might be emotionally abusive. The escalation in his behavior (which shocked him) coupled with disappointment from a friend who works in a DV agency, prompted him to search for help. After reaching out to various DV agencies that could not offer him resources, he was finally referred by one to Stand Up Colorado. He now has an appointment with one of the Denver providers and is looking to see if there is more he can do.
If it is someone who is already engaged with the criminal legal system, the caller will be referred to the DVOMB list of certified providers in their area.
Please remind the staff and volunteers who answer your crisis lines that this Helpline is available. 

855.9StandUp (855.978.2638)

And I'm available if you have questions. Thank you so much!

Upcoming Trainings

Web-Based Trainings

All times are MST
Nov 13 at noon: Brown Bag- Brain Injury: Overview, Strategies, & Resources (Violence Free Colorado) Understanding of brain injury, especially as it relates to individuals experiencing intimate partner violence
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