Request for Pandemic Stories

Let your voice be heard!

We're trying to spread awareness about the significant rise in mental health issues among students across the country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to share your story and others like it with members of Congress to help convince them to address this critical need. Everyone should have an opportunity for their voices to be heard!

Students! Please share your stories with us of how the pandemic has affected you and your emotional wellbeing, and how your health center has supported you during this time.

Try using one of the following prompts to tell us your story:
  • “COVID-19 has impacted my life...”
  • “My mental health right now is…”
  • “My biggest health concern now is…”
In order to participate, students will need to sign and submit a Parent/Guardian Release form with their health center.

Health center and school staff! You are also encouraged to share your stories and testimonials about the efforts of health centers during the pandemic, and your concern for the wellbeing of your students.

Try using one of the following prompts to tell us about your story:
  • “My biggest concern for the mental health of my students is…”  
  • “Mental health of students/patients matters because…”
As a reward for participating, SCHA-MI will randomly select three participants to receive a $50 Visa Gift Card. 
Please send your stories to Robin Turner,

Deadline for submission is 4/30/2021.

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