Miami Newsletter
Miami Newsletter
July 2016:  Volume 1, Issue 2


This is the second issue of the monthly-ish update from Miami's Office of Off-Campus Outreach and Communication to Property Managers, Landlords, and others who have a stake in the student rental business in Oxford. 
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In this Issue

  • Noise and Litter Citations
  • Walkabout 2016
  • Subleasing Resources
  • ASG's Fall Off-Campus Housing Fair

Noise and Litter Citations

Thanks to everyone who came to our Open Property Manager / Owner forum on July 25 to discuss high-risk house parties.
If you missed the forum, we updated attendees on recent work that the Off-Campus Partnerships and Interventions workgroup of the Alcohol Coordinating Committee has taken on. Namely, when a resident off-campus recieves a noise or litter citation from Oxford Police, all residents at that address will receive a joint e-mail and mailed letter from the City of Oxford and Miami University. The letter acknowledges the citation and informs students of community expectations. Upon a second citation (within a single semester), residents are asked to come in for a meeting with city and university staff, and a community member. Additional citations could trigger more formal action from our Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution (though this will not occur during fall semester). 
As a result of the property manager / owner forum, we will now be copying property managers and owners on the emails to residents who were citedWe hope you will join us as we work to educate students about community expectations and safe, responsible hosting.

Walkabout 2016

Walkabout is the Walkabout is an annual program, currently in its 14th year, wherein volunteers visit off-campus students at their rentals at the beginning of fall semester to welcome students back to town and provide information about living smoothly in Oxford neighborhoods. Only places with four or fewer units will be visited. 
Volunteers will have brief conversations about the Oxford community with students they reach. Conversations primarily involve city ordinances and community expectations of responsible and respectful behavior. They will also provide chocolate chip cookies to units they reach. 

What is in this year's Walkabout Packet?

This year's packet is not much different than previous years. It includes: 
Additionally, all bags will be stapled with a notice that every 5th bag has a coupon for a dozen free donuts, as incentive for students to look through all items in the bag. There may be a few additional items for the bags - all digital versions will be uploaded to this Google Folder prior to August 22, 2016. 

Subleasing Resources

If you have students looking to find a sublease tenant, or students who are looking for single-semester options and would like to find a sublease, feel free to direct them to the Off-Campus Outreach Subleasing page
On the page, students can complete a brief form to be added to a database that can help them get connected with other students in similar situations.

ASG's Fall Off-Campus Housing Fair

Miami's Associated Student Government and Office of Off-Campus Outreach are pleased to announce the date for the Fall Off-Campus Housing Fair. You'll get a formal invitation next week with a link to RSVP. 
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