Haninging Rock Christian Camp              February 2019 Email Newsletter
Camp Director

From the Camp Director

WOW!!! January was a LONG month! We are thankful for all the prayers we get and support that Hanging Rock has. We do look forward to the tempature warming up! 
If you had the opportunity to go to Church Camp when you were growing up, you know what a powerful, life-changing experience it can be.  I know that for me personally, it was something I looked forward to on an annual basis as my parents did everything within their power to make it happen.

While many children and youth  are looking forward to Church Camp with great anticipation, as well as “counting down the days” until departure, we must also realize there are many children just hoping for the chance to go.  Children who, without the assistance of others would not be able to even dream about the possibility.

We kicked off registration for Church Camp on January 15 and have already recieved several requests for funding. 

If you would like to help,  would you please send a check to the camp for scholarships or you may donate online. 
Thanks in advance for helping make a difference in the lives of young people. 
Gary Baker  -   Executive Director
Hanging Rock Christian Camp
Scholarship Fund

2018 Annual Report 

Pool Update

In last month's email newsletter we infomed you about our needs at the pool. We sent out appeals to our supporting churches and out of 70 we have 17 that has responed to this need so far and we have raised $16,500.  Praise the Lord! We are trusting God that we will have the funds available when we need them. 

The total cost to make the pool functional for 2019 is $42,000

This all needs to be finished before the 2019 camp season. We really need to fulfill this goal by April 1st, so we can have the resources to start the project in time to finish before camp. 
If you want to help with this project you can donate online or by sending a check to Hanging Rock and put in the memo- pool project. 

Thank You Brady Lane ladies for   leading the Ladies Overnight Retreat! 

Jr. High Retreat

February 22-24
If your in 6th-8th grade and would like to spend a weekend drawing closer to Christ all the while having a great time at Hanging Rock this weekend is for you. 
Jason Davis is the Event Coordinator. Jason is the Student Minister from Sterling Christian Church and is planning a great weekend just for you.
Cost is $45.00 before February 15 and $55.00 after February 15. 
6:00 Registration
6:30 Supper (Pizza)
7:30 Group Games
8:30 Session 1
10:00 Small Groups
10:30 Evening Activity
12:00 Lights Out
8:00 Devo
8:30 Breakfast
9:30 Session 2
11:00 Class 1
11:30 Class 2
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Class 3
1:30 Class 4
2:00 Free Time in LDC (Bazooka Tag, Rock Wall, 9 Square, Board Games, Ping Pong, Carpet Ball)
4:30 Small Groups
5:00 Session 3
6:00 Supper
6:45 Leave for Dasher’s Game and Ice Skating
8:00 Dasher’s Game
10:30 Open Skate
11:45 Return to Camp
9:30 Devos
10:00 Brunch
11:00 Session 4
12:00 Pick up 


March 2, 2019
This is our annual fundraiser for the Scholarship Fund. We will have all you can eat pancakes, at the same time our indoor activities will be available. This is by donation only! All donations will benefit the scholarship fund.  
We could use some volunteers, if you can help please let us know. 
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

New for Sumnmer 2019

Jr. High & High School Serve Camp: 
Students Serving Others Week
We will be partnering with Camp Christian in Mill Run, Pennsylvania this summer for a week where Jr. High & High School can work along with other students from another state learning how to give back and grow in our mission experience. You will need work gloves and work clothes. We will be staying at the camp in Pennsylvania.
Event Coordinator: Todd Blair
High School Wilderness Camp:
For our outdoor fanatics, if you love camping and nature you won't want to miss out on our High School Wilderness Camp this summer. This year we will be taking our High School Wilderness to Colorado to experience worship in the mountains! Campers brave the elements and sleep in tents where they can be close to creation and experience God through teachings and their surroundings. This year we will be joining the program of NYR. Visit http://www.nyr.org for more information.
Horse Camp Opportunities: 
New for this year we have hired two equestrian staff to lead horse riding lessons and trail riding during regular wilderness camps and main camps.  Campers can sign up for a one day horse riding lesson and the next day they can sign up for a trail ride. This will take place during the y scheduled recreation time. You will be able to sign up for this during the registration process. We will be charging $25.00 each for a riding lesson and a trail ride. 
Payment Options: 
New this year will be the option of  Payment In Full during Registration or Three Payments (1st During Registration, 2nd Midpoint and 3rd Collected on Friday a Week before the camp session). 
Thank You Jason Sell for leading the High School Winter Retreat! 

From the Wilderness/Facilities Director

We are updating all the rooms in the Hilton with new comforters, mattress pads, pillows, and pillow protectors. Each room is assigned to a church and those churches have purchased those items in the past. We would like everything to be matching, to help spruce up the appearance of the rooms. This last summer we bought all brand new, hotel quality, matching white sheets for the beds, and now we are looking to replace the other items. We have reached out to the churches who sponsor the rooms, and have received or committed $800 of the $1,000 dollars it would take to complete this project. If you would like to help us meet our goal you can send a donation marked “Hilton comforters” to the camp office and we will use those funds to purchase the items needed to make our rooms all matching. Here is a picture of the comforters we will be purchasing for the rooms.
Todd Blair
Register online and pay with a credit card. In order to receive the discount fee, the camp office must receive a COMPLETED form, WITH PAYMENT, on or before each tier price deadline. FIRST TIER PRICING DEADLINE- MARCH 15, 2019. SECOND TIER PRICING DEADLINE- JUNE 2, 2019
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