Hanging Rock Christian Camp - November Email 2021

From the Camp Director,

As I look out my window I can see that the farmers are busy! It’s harvest time. 
Thanksgiving is near! Families gather to eat, share their lives, and watch football. Many times the only remembrance of God is when the blessing is said. In many homes, even this is omitted. As this day approaches, we have an incredible opportunity to redeem Thanksgiving and turn it into a great blessing for our families and friends. With a little bit of planning, we can make a memory that will impact those in our homes that day.
Consider the first Thanksgiving: On the Hebrew calendar, harvest marks the Feast of Tabernacles or Booths, when Israel celebrates the blessings God has given them. It is a time of joy and celebration, a time of thanksgiving for how God has blessed them. It is a time of prayer, repentance from sin and petitions for blessings in the coming year. It also looks forward to the coming Messiah.
Moses wrote: “Celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days after you have gathered the produce of your threshing floor and your winepress. Be joyful at your feast – you, your sons and daughters… For the LORD your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands and your joy will be complete” (Deuteronomy 16:13-15, NIV).
Ask the Lord what activities you can do to re-focus your family on God on this special day. 
Please know here at Hanging Rock we are so Thankful for the sacrifices of time, talents & treasures given this year to the ministry. It is so great to be a part of a ministry that many people are so passionate about and are willing to support!  We are so thankful for your partnership. We give thanks for you! We hope you have a great Thanksgiving! 
Gary Baker, Executive Director

Christmas at the Rock

We are excited to celebrate Christmas this year with our Hanging Rock family.  Todd has put a great menu together for the evening: Roast Beef, Pork Lion, Cheesy Potatoes, Vegetables and Beef House rolls. We will have potato soup & salad available as you come though the doors. Plus we will offer an assortment of Christmas goodies for you to enjoy for dessert. 
We will have limited seating so please get your table of 8 for $100 and help us raise money for the Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign. You can also purchase indivdual tickets for $15.00. You can register for this event by clicking on the registation button below this poster. 

Great Is Thy Faithfulness Update:

$170,000 original need

We are so excited about the response to this campaign. We kicked this campaign off in June 2021. Here is where we stand right now. This also includes committments made by our supporting churches. We have asked our churches to give a 2 year committment. 
- Girl's Dorm Bathrooms - $40,000 - Raised - Drew has already started remodeling. 
- Zipline - $50,000 - Raised with a matching donation 
- Hilton Remodel - $80,000 - We have a new matching donation challenge of $15,000 for this project.  We are still in need of $3,500 to receive this match. We have until December to fulfill it. 
We would love for you to join in on this challenge. It would be great to have all 3 projects funded with donations and committtments by the end of this year. We are still need in committments from our churches or individuals of $60,000 to meet our goal. 

Registration Information:

We are very sad to learn that Will Wright will not be providing our registration system anymore. Will served for several years as a Board Member and in 2008 he learned how much we were paying for our registration system. At that time he descided to write one specific to the needs of Hanging Rock, for several years he has saved us thousands of dollars. We really want to thank Will for his service to Hanging Rock and we will miss this service. 
Unfortunately, this means we will be looking for a new registration system that best fits the needs of Hanging Rock. We know that many of the features we had with Will are not available with anyone else we have looked at so far. Please be patient with us this next season as we introduce to you a brand new registration system. This means, for this year, we will be starting with a blank canvas and you will need to re-enter all of your information. After this year, your information will be entered and saved for an easier registration process. We will keep you up to date on the regsitration system we choose. We do know this is going to cost the camp more than in the past. We hope we do not have to raise camp fees to offset this cost. 

From the Maintenance Director: 

Exciting News! We are going to try something new this year at paintball camp. Instead of playing paintball here at the camp we will be traveling each day to the Paintball Barn in Attica that has 8 different courses to play on! We are excited for this opportunity and hope that it can make paintball even more exciting! 

Our paintball equipment is over 10 years old and so with going to Attica we will be able to use the equiment they have. This menas we will no longer be offering paintball at our location for retreats or church groups. 

Things are underway with the remodel of the bathrooms in Eve. We will officially get started November 15th after the last of our fall retreats, but we have been able to get a little bit of a head start in Eve #3. The entire old bathroom has been removed and we are beginning the process of rebuilding. Eve #3 will be the prototype for the other bathrooms. Right now we are only working on the project when we can find time between other events, but after the 15th we go into full swing. We will need people to remove the old fixtures, build the new walls, lay lots and lots of tile and hook up new plumbing and lights. If you would like to be a part of this project please email me at  or call or text 765-585-2264. I look forward to meeting and working on this project with you.
On the Horse side of camp we are looking for 3 or 4 more kid broke, bomb proof  horses for the camp. We have plenty of staff horses, but could use some more that campers can ride. One of my goals for the horse program is to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to be on a horse. If you have or know of any horses that would fit in our program I would love to hear from you. 

Drew Follmer,

From the Program Intern,

I’d like to start off by introducing myself—I’m Caleb, the year-round Program Intern. I graduated from Wabash College last May, then worked here at Hanging Rock as summer staff this past summer. Gary must have liked me enough that he decided to keep me around a little longer, and once the summer was over, I came on as Program Intern.

I have still been getting settled into this new role. Between hosting the weekend retreats and youth groups we have come to Hanging Rock, my main focus has been to start working with Event Coordinators on our upcoming winter retreats. This winter, we are excited to host an elementary retreat (January 14-15), a junior high retreat (February 11-12), and a high school retreat (February 4-6)!

I have also been updating our website with the dates and information for the summer of 2022! Looking ahead to that season and figuring out when each of those camps will take place has gotten me excited for the summer to roll back around! I’m looking forward to working with all of those Event Coordinators to help make summer camp a special experience for all of the kids.

This month, we’ll have the Camp Committee meeting on November 16; at that meeting our committee will pin down the theme we want to have for next year’s summer camps. Once that happens, we’ll be able to go all in on recruiting summer staff and working out the details of our camps—and ultimately, making summer 2022 a great experience and a great opportunity for campers to come to know, or grow closer to, Christ!
Caleb Dickey,

Terry Evans Memorial Project,

Several of Terry's closest friends and friends of Hanging Rock's Horse Camp program who appreciated so much what Terry did to enhance the Hose camp program here at Hanging Rock started a memorial project so that Terry's memory will last a long time. Terry always had a vision of an indoor arena, but that is really expensive, so we have decided to put a roof over the arena with the white fence. The cost will be somewhere around $40,000. So far, we have raised $4,435.00. We will focus more on this specific project after we finish the Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign. But, if you would like to go ahead and give to this project that would be great. When you give just let us know it is for Terry Evans Memorial Project. 

Christmas Wish List:

Christmas is right around the corner. Hanging Rock has some items that we would like to have and if your wanting to get Hanging Rock something for Christmas here is our list: We never take gifts for granted here! 
  • Mattress for dorms - $90.00 per mattress We are trying to replace 50 mattress in the girls dorm. 
  • Used minivan for housekeeping purposes 
  • Money for some new AED's - We would like to have 3 to put around the camp. $1,699 per AED.
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