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Introducing Tennessee History for KidsINARS!
To help students, teachers and parents deal with the challenges of "distant learning," Tennessee History for Kids is creating KidsINARS. Some of these short webinars will explain the TN History for Kids organization (booklets and website), but most will be content-specific.

So far we have uploaded:

Students at TN State University at the unveiling of a monument in downtown Nashville
1. Mountains, Mines and Mills: The Greatest Primary Source in Tennessee History. This fascinating 3-part KidsINAR is about Matthew Rhea's 1832 map of Tennessee. It targets all students, fifth grade and older.

Click here for Part One of Mountains, Mines and Mills and here for the quiz that goes along with Part One.

Click here for Part Two of Mountains, Mines and Mills and here for the quiz that goes along with Part Two.

Click here for Part Three of Mountains Mines and Mills and here for the quiz that goes along with Part Three.

2. Slavery in Tennessee, a sobering half-hour long presentation about what newspaper advertising provesĀ  about slavery in Tennessee, and targets students from eighth grade and older. (It is NOT intended for elementary school students!)
Click here for the quiz that goes along with this presentation.
3. An Introduction to TN History for Kids, a 12-minute KidsINAR.

We will producing many more of these KidsINARS in subsequent days.
The next one will target younger students (grades 1, 2 and 3) and be about Tennessee geography. We will also do one for grades 5 and above about Tennessee's statehood era (the 1790s).

Stay tuned!

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We have lifted our restriction on ordering one or two booklets. We are updating our order form and website to reflect this, but until the pandemic is over, you CAN order one booklet for $4; two for $8 and three for $12. (These amounts include Shipping and Handling)
The booklets, include:
* Critters and Maps, for first grade
* Your Land, My Land, for second grade
* Around the World and Across the Ocean, for third grade
* Upon a Pivot and Torn Union, for fourth grade
* Don't Keep Them in Doubt, for 11th grade
* Be Part of the Story, for the 12th grade government class.
These booklets are wonderful, cost only $2 each, and (for grades 1 through 5) cover ALL the social studies standards.
If they weren't great, ask yourself why systems including Williamson, Jefferson, Weakley and many others have purchased them for ALL their students!
Tennessee History for Kids, a 501(c)3 organization
PO Box 281 | Franklin TN 37065 |

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