Recharging your batteries, COVID cases page, variant strains, & more.
Recharging your batteries, COVID cases page, variant strains, & more.
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Recharging the body's batteries

College life is busy. Self-care for your body, mind, and heart can help everything go better.

COVID alert level

  • Our campus alert level continues to be 2, which indicates modified operations due to case levels in the area around campus.
  • Details: Campus COVID-19 Alert Levels.

COVID cases page

Our COVID-19 New Cases webpage continues to be updated each weekday to show cases by date.
In addition, the two-week total section has been updated to meet a new state requirement to measure a current, two-week rolling total (rather than predetermined two-week date ranges).
Thanks to risk-reducing steps everyone is taking, plus campus surveillance testing and rapid isolation and quarantine actions, Nazareth continues to fall well below the 100-case threshold set by New York state in its COVID-19 containment guidance. If 100 new positive tests occur in the 14-day rolling period, the state would require the College to switch to all-virtual classes and student activities for two weeks, during which time on-campus food would be take-out or delivery only. Such a period would be followed by the College re-assessing with the local health department.


COVID-19 surveillance testing continues to test a randomly selected portion of the campus each week. Check your email each Thursday to see if you’ve been chosen for testing on the following Monday/Tuesday. More details: Surveillance Testing.
As always, anyone with symptoms or close contact with someone who tests positive follows a different protocol that starts with filling out your Nazareth online screening (if you filled it out earlier in the day, you can re-do it) and following the instructions.

6-word stories

Empathy, unity, and appreciation are among the themes in 6-word stories submitted by our Naz community about how we will emerge in 2021:
Michael Kerxhalli

Empathizing with political and ideological counterparts.
Michael Kerxhalli, student

Cat Flint, student  
Kristen Shiner McGuire

No longer taking life for granted.
Kristen Shiner McGuire (wearing green), faculty

COVID-19 Resources

Have a question? You can send it in using the form on any of those pages.
COVID-19 resources

Questions of the week

If I tested positive for COVID-19, could it be a "false positive"?


“If you have a positive test result, it is very likely that you have COVID-19,” according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
From Monroe County (NY) Health Department: 
  • A person who tests positive via a rapid antigen or PCR test and has a history of exposure and/or symptoms is considered to be infected with COVID-19 and needs to be isolated. 
  • In cases where the positive result was from a rapid antigen test, and the person had no exposure to a positive case and no symptoms, the county would support a PCR test as a follow-up step.

What differences do the variant strains of COVID-19 make?


The CDC reports that COVID variant strains seem to spread more easily and quickly than other variants, which may lead to more cases of COVID-19. There is evidence that people infected with the B.1.1.7 strain (UK) may have a longer infectious period, and may test positive later in the course of their illness, compared with the original strain of the virus. The B.1.1.7 strain is thought to be 45% to 50% more transmissible. This means that people infected with this variant strain may be more likely to spread the virus unknowingly while having no symptoms. (Current testing locally doesn’t identify strains.) 
College planning evolves with public health protocols, which adjust based on new information about COVID-19. Nazareth’s surveillance testing is intended to identify people without symptoms, including pre-symptomatic individuals, and helps avert potential outbreaks before they occur. Contact tracing and quarantine protocols also support these efforts: COVID-19 Process Flowchart (pdf).
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