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OCTOBER Newsletter 2016
OCTOBER Newsletter 2016
Fall is a busy time in Chico. The students are back filling our streets, schools, and businesses with bustling activity. As the summer vacation season comes to an end we all turn our attention back to work. We look forward to the new year as it quickly approaches and continue to plan for what lies ahead. At our September meeting The Co-op Board of Directors appointed a new Board Member, Angel Gomez. We are all so happy to welcome her to our team! Angel will be running for formal election to the Board in the month of October. Elections start October 10 and end Nov 4. Look for the ballot box at the Co-op!

With Board Elections just around the corner, there is no better time to get informed about the Co-op, the work we are doing, and the vision we are forming for the future. The annual meeting is an opportunity for the Board to deepen our connection with Co-op owners, to share with you, to hear your concerns, and to celebrate our efforts as a community.

Please join us at this year’s annual owner meeting on October 7 at the Arc Pavilion at 6:30 pm to get to know all of our Board candidates and to ask them any questions you may have. Join us to learn about our progress as we continue in the journey to relocate and expand the Co-op. Join us for good food, good people and good times. Just be sure to join us at the annual meeting and dinner!

Natalie Carter
Board of Directors President
My first introduction to the persimmon was over 40 years ago at Sun Valley Jr High in southern California. A girl in my 8th grade English class shared it with me and said “once you get used to them they can be habit forming”. Unfortunately it was a yet to be ripe Hachiya Persimmon. I got a mouthful of astringent pucker and quickly lost my interest. My next introduction to the persimmon was 14 years later when I moved to Chico where persimmons are a celebrated fruit.

Persimmons are the national fruit of Japan and most likely originated there or in China. The fruit does best in dry, warm climates. In 1856        Commodore Perry brought the first persimmon seeds to the USA. The tree thrived in the southern and southwest states particularly California.
The two main persimmon varieties are the Hachiya which is larger and is best eaten when soft. These are the persimmons people tend to bake with. However when soft and eaten raw they have a unique ambrosia flavor that is sweeter than a ripe melon. The Fuya persimmon is smaller and can be eaten hard or soft. It’s texture is more like an apple and it’s fruit is pleasantly sweet, but not as sweet as a Hachiya.

Nutritionally speaking persimmons are close to being a super food. A 3.5 oz serving has 55% of your daily vitamin A requirement. Rich in vitamin C it contains 21% of the daily requirement. Besides having a good amount of fiber persimmons contain B complex vitamins as well as copper and phosphorous. Like green tea it has catechins that have antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, for protecting small blood vessels from bleeding. Betulinic acid and gallocatechins inhibit tumors. Other powerful antioxidants include lycopene, lutein, cryptoxanthin, and beta-carotene. It’s good to be moderate in your consumption of persimmons because they are very high in fructose.

Persimmons flavonoid fisetin is found to help eradicate, breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. Persimmons can be eaten dried as well as fresh, they are a popular pudding and baking ingredient. Other varieties of fuyu persimmons include the chocolate persimmon with a brown flesh and a coffee cake persimmon with a marbled flesh. Most persimmons mature to a bright orange color although there are red and brown varieties as well.

October and November are the months for the persimmon to ripen with the fuyu persimmon coming on first. The tree also has beautiful fall foliage and lovely spring blossoms similar to a dogwood tree. Diospyros kaki is the latin name for persimmon which means “food of the gods”. A good persimmon is like a taste of heaven.
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