Newsletter #3
Newsletter #3
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Helping You Find Your Off Campus Rental 

Welcome to the third edition of finding your off campus home! You can expect to receive the next steps of the rental process on Wednesday, July 15. 
This week, focus on deciding on a sensible timeline for you and begin searching for your off-campus rental. Keep in mind your budget when you begin your search.
In this newsletter you will find:

Picking a Timeline that is Best for You

It is important to look no more than 2-3 months in advance because landlords won’t know who is renewing the lease or leaving. This is because tenants give landlords a 60 notice to leave. Landlords may actually raise the price if you sign too early because they know students are eager to get a house.


Showings can be set up with Landlords through phones, emails, or text messaging. Before contacting a Rental Company make sure to have all of your information gathered, questions ready, and a schedule set. 
Showings are a great opportunity to inspect the property and get to know the neighborhood and surrounding area. 
Make sure to ask questions, take notes and take pictures and videos of the property. This will be helpful to compare rental properties before making your final decision.

Background Checks

The Neighborhood Housing Office can run background checks on landlords and rental properties. But did you know that you can run these background checks yourself?
Through Wisconsin Circuit Court Access you can run a background check on potential landlords. If you're looking to background check a property, you can use My Milwaukee Home

Using the Listing Service

The Neighborhood Housing Office recommends using this listing service that is exclusive to UWM students. On this site you can find available rental units, parking spaces, and roommates.  

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Connect With Us At Orientation

 The next live session will take place Wednesday, July 14 at 11:30 a.m.

Tell us When You Plan to Move 

Help the Neighborhood Housing Office by letting us know when you plan to move out of and move into your off campus residence. This allows us to adapt our resources to your needs. 

Visit the University Legal Clinic 

The University Legal Clinic can provide legal advice on the rental process and look over all leases free of charge!

Sign Up for the Preferred Tenant Program

The Preferred Tenant Program is a free, online rental education course. Participating landlords offer discounts on rent to students who have completed the program. 

Hey UWM Students!

The NHO compiled a list of safe, fun things for you to do this summer with your roommates while still maintaining social distancing guidelines.

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