Get the latest on evictions, the Unhoused Bill of Rights, voting, and more!
Get the latest on evictions, the Unhoused Bill of Rights, voting, and more!
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July 29, 2021 | Volume 25, No. 7 | Archives
Evictions, Overdoses, and Infrastructure:
Take Action Now!
See the latest on the expiring eviction moratorium, negotiations on Capitol Hill, our work on addiction policy, and more!
In this issue:
  • Eviction Moratorium Expires TOMORROW July 31
  • Powerful Op-eds from HCHers!
  • As Overdose Deaths Soar, Our Advocacy Continues
  • Infrastructure, Budget, Health Care Debate Continues on the Hill
  • Council Supports Introduction of Unhoused Bill of Rights
  • August is Civic Health Month- Are you Registered to Vote?
  • Biden’s COVID-19 Agenda Moves Forward
  • Administration Recent Hiring and Firings
  • What We’re Reading
Eviction Moratorium Expires TOMORROW
July 31st
The CDC’s federal eviction moratorium expires on Friday, July 31, 2021. The Biden Administration does not plan to extend the federal moratorium further and instead is promoting available federal rental assistance funds. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of these emergency resources and may not access them in time to avoid eviction. Last week the Council put out a press release outlining three action steps for the HCH Community.
TAKE ACTION: Three things the HCH community can do in light of the federal moratorium ending: 1) Identify and advocate for state and local protections 2) Connect clients/consumers to services and cash resources and 3) Speak out about the health implications of evictions and poverty. See details here.
Powerful Op-Eds from HCHers!
An op-ed is an excellent way to send a public message about the importance of ending homelessness and preventing evictions. See recent examples from members of the HCH Community:
TAKE ACTION: Submit your own op-ed. Find Tips and Tricks on writing and submitting an op-ed from the Op-Ed Project and use recent features from members of the HCH community above as a template or inspiration for your own op-ed. Share your publication with us and we’ll feature it in the next Mobilizer at
As Overdose Deaths Soar, Our Advocacy Continues
This month the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released preliminary data showing overdose deaths rose approximately 30% in 2020 to 93,000 deaths- the deadliest year on record. Overdose deaths are nothing new to the HCH community, and our advocacy continues for broader changes, such as those included in the MAT Act, which eliminates the X-waiver requirement to prescribe buprenorphine. Last week the Council participated in a day of action calling for Congressional leadership to call a vote on the MAT Act. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information on our work on Buprenorphine access, Syringe Service Programs, and Supervised Consumption Sites (& note we are celebrating recent legalization of SCS in Rhode Island).
TAKE ACTION: If you are a medical provider or patient working with a Medication Assisted Treatment program and are interested in eliminating the X-waiver and reducing barriers to treatment, OR are a provider who offers syringe services -- don't miss future calls-to-action and email who will follow up with you directly.
Infrastructure, Budget, Health Care Debate Continues on the Hill
The House and the Senate continue working on their fiscal year 2022 budget bills as they head towards August recess. Once budget bills are passed, the proposed funding levels for the major housing and health programs will be posted to our FY2022 budget chart (we expect the Houses’ proposals to be finalized in the coming weeks). Meanwhile, both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the partisan $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill remain at a standstill in Congress and are not likely to move forward before August recess. Discussions are happening now about which major reforms, including health care, should be included in the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion bill. See below to Take Action to call for Medicare expansions to be included, and stay tuned for more information from the Council on the health care reform debate.
TAKE ACTION: The $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill opens up opportunities for great reform in health care. Our partners at Healthcare-NOW! are leading the charge calling to strengthen Medicare by lowering the eligibility age, including hearing, dental, and vision benefits, and lowering prescription drug prices. If Medicare eligibility age were lowered from 65 to 60, over 17,000 HCH clients in non-expansion states could gain life-saving health insurance. Additionally, the 71 HCH programs in those states could be paid for the care they provide to very vulnerable people, rather than rely on limited grant funding. (Important note: these expansions are not to be confused with the comprehensive single-payer Medicare for All). Tell Congress to include Medicare expansions in their reconciliation plans by signing this petition (open to all individuals!)
Council Supports Introduction of Unhoused Bill of Rights:
Yesterday NHCHC CEO Bobby Watts spoke at a press conference announcing the introduction of Rep. Cori Bush’s (D-MO) Unhoused Bill of Rights (text, summary). The Council is proud to support this groundbreaking piece of legislation, which calls for the right to universal health care and medical respite care (aside many other reforms). Watch the press conference here and see Bobby speak at minute 10:45.
August is Civic Health Month - Are You Registered to Vote?
Civic Health Month is a nationwide celebration held each August to showcase the strengthening relationship between health care and civic participation, with a goal of making voting accessible to all. Throughout the month of August NHCHC will be sharing information on social media on the connection between health and civic engagement and ways to get involved. Local elections are more frequent than national elections and directly impact the health of communities, yet turnout is much lower. Learn more about Voting and Homelessness from Nonprofit VOTE and remember You Don’t Need a Home to Vote. 
TAKE ACTION: Be prepared to vote in your next election by taking action now. First, check to see if you’re registered to vote, and then register to vote on vot-ER if needed. Next, find the next upcoming election in your area and mark it on your calendar. Finally, forward this email to five friends/colleagues/family members and ask them to do the same!
Biden's COVID-19 Agenda Moves Forward
There will be many policy changes related to C19 in the next several months as the Biden-Harris administration moves forward with their agenda. Recent updates include The FDA and CDC announcing that individuals who are fully vaccinated do not require a booster shot at this time, Pfizer requesting Emergency Use Authorization in August for a third, booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and Moderna requesting approval from the FDA to use its vaccine in youth age 12-17. Approval from the FDA is anticipated soon. Learn about these policy developments and emerging issues related to COVID-19 in the biweekly COVID-19 Flash Blast.
Administration Recent Hirings and Firings
President Biden has nominated Dr. Rahul Gupta to run the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). Gupta received both praise and criticism from the substance-use advocacy community and the Council looks forward to working alongside the ONDCP to promote public health and harm reduction responses to addiction. Social Security Administration (SSA) advocates were also pleased to see top official, Andrew Saul, removed from his post after undermining the agency and refusing to resign.
What We're Reading
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