2021 DRP Year in Review / 1,909 Tag Deployments and 41 Movements
2021 DRP Year in Review / 1,909 Tag Deployments and 41 Movements
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Made Possible by a Grant from the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

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2021 Year in Review
2021 DRP Year in Review
Photo: W. Merten
We have come to the end of 2021, which marks four years of successfully running a 501(c)(3), the Beyond Our Shores Foundation, to continue and expand the Dolphinfish Research Program.
In 2021, DRP personnel embarked on 24 field outings with 11 different fishing teams in 7 tagging zones; conducted 4 seminars including one to the Caribbean Fishery Management Council, submitted a scientific manuscript, and issued 12 DRP monthly newsletters and 3 short videos.  When looking back on the past four years, our effort has resulted in a 25% increase in tag deployments and new movement data acquired.  In addition, since 2018, 1072 anglers have received tagging kits.  In 2022, our goals are to distribute 6,000 tags in tagging kits to 450 anglers as well as deploy several habitat use and geolocating satellite transmitters on adult dolphinfish in the Caribbean Sea, along the U.S. East Coast, and in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean.  We will also continue our wahoo research with several PSAT deployments slated for next year in the Mona Passage.  Next year marks the 21st year of conducting research with the public through this tagging program.  Please give what you can to help our program continue to engage anglers in research on dolphinfish and offshore fisheries.
Donations are fully tax-deductible and can be made by donating to the Beyond Our Shores Foundation via check (click here), paypal (click here), or stripe (click here).  You can also buy a DRP tee shirt, hat, or tagging kit by clicking here.  A very special thanks to those who have already stepped up to support the program in 2022! 
In January, we will announce the winners of our 2021 DRP Year-End Awards Program and the regional Mid-Atlantic Bight awards.  To see last year's award winners, click here.  Our 2021 awards program was sponsored by AFTCO, GHOF, Star Rods, and Costa Del Mar.  Please submit any outstanding tag deployment reports by email to wess@beyondourshores.org before the end of the year.  Stay tuned!
2021 DRP Performance Metrics
Year in Review
Photo: W.Merten
2021 DRP Performance Metrics (through 12/20/21)  
  • 5,314 tags in 461 kits were distributed to 378 anglers in 11 nations 
  • Continued youth tagging with the Scouts of America; 198 Tagged 5 Recaptures
  • 1,896 total tags deployed, 42 movements generated 
  • 12 PSATs deployed in Eastern Tropical Pacific and 4 in the Caribbean Sea on Dolphinfish 
  • 2 PSATs deployed on wahoo in the Mona Passage, Caribbean Sea

                     2021 DRP Highlights by Month 
Below are notable highlights generated by anglers participating in the past 12 months of research associated with the Dolphinfish Research Program (DRP). 

January/February 2021

Milestone:  2020 year-end awards presented to 11 fishing teams plus the Scouts at Summerland Key, FL.  Awards provided by AFTCO, Star Rods, and GHOF.
First Place Anglers: Captain Don Gates; Captain Julien Brossel; Captain Bob Feliniski; Captains David Wamer and Charlie Jamison; Captain Jeff Jones; Captain Gary MarshallClick here to read more.

March/April 2021

Award: Recognition of Distinguished Tagging Effort presented to Captain Bouncer Smith.  Stats: 823 tagged; 45 recovered; 1 or more fish tagged during 190 separate outings. 
Anglers Involved: Captain Bouncer Smith aboard Bouncer's DuskyClick here to read more.  

May/June 2021

MilestoneKillin' Time II surpasses 4,000 tagged dolphin.  It took Killin' Time II 207 outings, averaging 19 fish tagged and released per outing, to surpass this milestone.      
Anglers Involved:  Captain Don Gates and the Killin' Time II fishing team including Allen Lewis, Darryl Williams, and Rich Benton. Click here to read more.

July/August 2021

Observation:  56 day geolocation track acquired from a 47" bull.
Fishers: Captain Jesus Duran, angler Dagoberto Rodriquez, photog Tony Dooley aboard Yadimar; Harbormaster Oscar ParedesClick here to read more.   

September/October 2021

Observation:  Dolphin recapture from Gulf of Mexico, to Key Largo, FL, in 54 days.

Fishers: Captain Keith Richardson aboard Whoo Dat; Captain Charlie Rogers aboard Against the Grain Charters.  Click here to read more.  
ETP Research
Photo: Chris Gough

November/December 2021

Observation:  12 PSATs deployed on  dolphinfish (36" to 56") and 60 total (14" to 58") tagged with conventional tags off TSL.  Click here to read more.

Made possible by:  Tropic Star Lodge; the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, and Guy Harvey Research Institute.

Support the DRP in 2022

We ask you to contribute what you can today to support the Dolphinfish Research Program in 2022.  This year was a great one for our tagging program thanks to our loyal sponsors, supporters, and participants.  Today, we are asking you to do what you can to help us engage more fishermen in our tagging program in 2022.  As a leader in public engagement in research and conservation of dolphin, your donation will advance our expanding organization by helping to purchase more tags to distribute to anglers, bolster our education programs and materials, and improve fisheries data collection among recreational, for-hire, and small-scale commercial fishermen.  Help the DRP continue documenting movement and population trends of wild dolphin in our oceans in 2022 by supporting us today.  There are two ways to support our effort.  You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Beyond Our Shores Foundation (click here to donate) or
purchase a kit, shirt, or hat in our online shop (click here to shop).  The Beyond Our Shores Foundation, a 501(c)(3), was formed in 2017 to help support the growth of the DRP, and since then, we have distributed 20,648 tags around the world to 1072 anglers and logged over 7,659 tag deployments and 184 new dolphin movements.   

Request Your Kit for 2022

From now until the end of 2022, our goal is to distribute tagging kits to 450 individual anglers.  If you are new to the program or need more tags, please request your kit today. Click here to request a kit. Interested in purchasing your kit to help support the program? Please click here.  

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