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41 years ago in 1978, Dan Nichols became a resident of Harney County. You could say Dan married well, he met his wife Gretchen at Oregon State University and once their studies were done, she let him follow her home to her family’s place, McCoy Creek Ranch in Diamond where they’ve raised three kids and more heifers than you count.  Read more. . . 

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

February 16-17 the Burns Interagency Fire Zone teamed up with Oregon Department of Forestry to teach basic wildland fire fighting skills at the OO School.
Twenty-two members from five of the Harney County Rangeland Fire Protection Associations (RFPA) learned the skills necessary to fight fire in the upcoming season. RFPAs are a non-profit organization formed on the concept of “neighbors helping neighbors”; these volunteer organizations are one of the first lines of defense when a fire starts. “When a fire starts, the quicker we get equipment on scene the less acres burned” says Jacob Gear RFPA Liaison for the Burns Interagency Fire Zone. “By having equipment staged with trained RFPA firefighters throughout Harney County this has reduced that response time and has proved to be a great partnership for the ranchers and federal agencies”. For more information on how to join in Harney County contact your local RFPA or Jacob Gear Harney County RFPA Liaison at

Special Event

SAVE THE WEEKEND & mark your calendar for April 11-14
Photo of a California Quail by Dan Streiffert
LOCALS ONLY TOUR, Thursday, April 11, 1-5pm
"This tour is just for our local Harney County residents! The Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative is a local group of diverse partners working in Harney Basin and the Silvies floodplain to enhance flood meadows and improve the health of Malheur Lake and its tributaries while creating economic and social benefits for the community. For the past few years partners have been working behind the scenes and they want to show you what they have been doing! Join High Desert Partnership's Ecological Coordinator Ben Cate and Ducks Unlimited Biologist Chris Colson as they take you around the basin for an afternoon of birding and learning about the restoration work being done. Come along for a fun ride and learn what is happening in your backyard!"

RESTORATION BIRDING, Saturday, April 13, 8am-3pm
"Go bird watching with Ben Cate, High Desert Partnership's Ecological Coordinator and Chris Colson, Ducks Unlimited Biologist. Cate and Colson will help you gain a better understanding of the role the Harney Basin plays in the Pacific Flyway and the wetland/floodplain restoration efforts in the area, aimed at improving habitat for migratory birds. The Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative, an effort umbrella under the High Desert Partnership, will be a subject of interest on this tour. The initiative is a cooperate effort between conservation partners, local ranching families and the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge – all working to build an understanding of how to manage the flood-irrigated wet meadows in the Harney Basin and Malheur Lake in a manner that reduces carp reintroduction, provides food for migrating water birds, and provides a sustainable economic return for ranching families. The Harney Basin is a critical stop on the Pacific Flyway and this cooperative effort will ensure it remains a healthy stopover for decades to come."
CATTLEWOMEN'S WORKING RANCH TOUR, Saturday, April 13, 7:30am-2:30pm
"Travel to a working cattle ranch with members of the Harney County Cattlewomen as your hosts. Meet the ranch owners – multi-generational, family ranchers – who will explain ranch management techniques that are sustainable and support wildlife, especially migratory birds, in the Harney Basin. Local range scientists from the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center will provide a presentation on the work they do and the benefits to wildlife as well. Family friendly."

Upcoming Events 

Tuesday, March 5 | Harney County Restoration Collaborative Meeting 
Wednesday, March 20 | Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative Collaborative Meeting 
Wednesday, March 20 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, March 21 | Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Thursday-Sunday, April 11-14  | Harney County Migratory Bird Festival

Collaboration: Minion Style

The Harney County Way

Reflections from The Harney County Way May 2018 Collaborative Summit.
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Sagebrush Collaboration

A heavily researched story by professor and author Peter Walker of the strength and resilience of Harney County as the community faced a challenge it could have never anticipated.
Thanks to The Ford Family Foundation for adding Sagebrush Collaboration to their Select Books program. Select Books is an amazing program providing resources to educate and help us make a difference in our communities. If you live in Oregon or Siskiyou County, CA "you may order one copy of this book at NO CHARGE if you provide feedback about it."
Also, books can be purchased through Oregon State University PressThe Duck Store and Amazon

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