A View from the Board
The following is the latest in a series of monthly messages from the RVR Master Association Board, called “A View From the Board.” The messages summarize recent Board decisions and discussions and are designed to bring RVR homeowners up to date on issues important to the community. 
Dear RVR Homeowners,
Well, the RVR community survey is open and many homeowners have already submitted responses. We are off to a good start, with 256 responses to date.
For those of you who have not yet taken the time to complete the survey, we urge you to do so. It is your chance to include your point of view into the community discussion about who we are and what we want to be going forward. The survey is intended to generate one response per household, so for multi-person dwellings, discuss your responses with your family members.
This survey was designed and produced by one of our homeowners who is a professional market researcher. When we have received enough responses, she will collate the data which will then be shared with the community.
Remember, this is an attempt to get a broad view of the community, who we are, what we do, what we want, etc. As people have filled out the survey, there have been some questions about the questions. For instance, there are items about the golf course, Homestead restaurant and sledding hill. To be clear, RVR homeowners do not own those properties, we just live next door to them. The questions are simply designed to get a better idea of how much we use those features. Also, we tried not to include too many facts and figures on topics like long range planning and short term rentals in an effort to keep the questionnaire concise.
If anyone wants additional explanations or details, they can get in touch with someone on the management team for further information.
So, give it some thought, submit your survey and then we’ll all get a chance to see the results.
The survey will officially close on March 31. Feel free to click here to submit your household’s response.
Michael Banbury
Board President

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