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Michael Buckley

Dear Customer

We would like to advise our valued customers that the ordering cart page address for our international shipping agent (ILS Ltd) has changed.
The new cart address is:
If you are ordering from the link to the cart page will take place automatically. 
Also if you previously ordered from this has changed to,
If you have saved us in your favorites please update now to continue ordering. 
Its business as usual, orders are being processed and sent daily!
In other news, the European Medicines Agency has delivered its findings with regards to testosterone use in men and heart issues, concluding that there is no increased risk. 
As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me directly via email at:
Yours sincerely
Michael Buckley
CEO / Medical Director / Pharmacist  
Review Findings - No Increase in Heart Problems
The European Medicines Agency has delivered its findings with regards to heart problems and testosterone.
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Canadian ordering
Canadian Online Ordering
Our international shipping agent does not ship to Canada. For Canadians wishing to order online please  click here or on the flag and goods will be shipped direct from Australia.
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