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  A Message from the NESA Board of Directors

As COVID restrictions have been removed by the City and Province, and vaccination rates increase, the staff of NESA have been very busy, imagining how another re-opening might look. As we all know, COVID is still here and may be for some time, but we are learning to live with it and the team continuing planning towards a September re-opening. 

Recently, a survey was made available by e-mail and through social media, asking members about their readiness to return and engage in activities.  What we learned from the responses received is that by and large, our members are ready to come back but with some hesitancy. We were also reminded that our members are sticking by us and look forward to taking part in the wide range of activities usually on offer. Your ongoing support during the last 17 months has energized both the staff and your Board of Directors.

With such a wide variety of activities typically on offer at NESA, our first and foremost concern will be the safety of all – members, volunteers, instructors, staff and anyone entering the facility. 

By optimizing our spaces for as many members and activities possible, a wide range of options are available. This also means that sanitizing practices will continue and some activities will look a bit different including being relocated to different spaces and perhaps scheduled at different times. 

Many of us would rather go back to the way things used to be in 2019 but right now, that is not possible.

All of the plans are being developed with a focus on the September target and remaining mindful of our mission which guides all we do: To provide a friendly environment offering physically and mentally rewarding activities and services which promote wellness, independence and community involvement.

Please refer to our website at in the coming weeks for more information and updates regarding our Fall 2021 reopening. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, please review the Program Activity Guide when it becomes available (scheduled for August 16, 2021) and reflect on the good times and friends you made at our Center. Your Board supports and is confident in the viability and safety of the plans our staff have put together.   Please join us to the extent you feel comfortable. Let’s be kind to ourselves, to each other and to our staff.

As the song goes, See You in September! 

Ron Nichol, President, NESA Board of

North Edmonton Seniors Association
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