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August 2021

Reminder: Check your links!

As the Fall semester quickly approaches, we thought now is a good time for a reminder to check the links in your courses. Websites get reorganized and URLs change, so it's a good idea to review them on a semesterly basis. Do your links:
We also have a helpful worksheet with other items to check in Blackboard before the semester begins. Reviewing these items regularly will keep your course looking polished and professional.

Older unlisted YouTube videos have changed to private  

Timeline showing all videos uploaded prior to January 1, 2017 are set to Private
As part of a security update, all videos uploaded before January 1, 2017 with an “Unlisted” privacy setting were changed to “Private” on July 23, 2021, meaning students can no longer view them.
If you have videos impacted by this change, we suggest you
  • Upload the video(s) to Panopto which is supported by SMHS. Replace the YouTube video with the Panopto link or embed. This will keep it private within your class and avoid further issues with YouTube, or
  • Change the privacy setting of the YouTube video(s) to Public, or reupload them with an Unlisted setting and replace the old link or embed in your course.
Watch this video from YouTube for details.
If you would like assistance or have a large number of impacted videos, contact any IMPACT team member.

Recording in Zoom? Turn on auto-transcripts

If you ever find yourself recording in Zoom for students, especially if you are recording something meant to be enduring, like a lecture to be used for multiple semesters, please turn on the auto-transcription feature in your Zoom account. This step must be taken before a recording is made, but it only needs to be done once for your account.
  • Login to configure your GW Zoom account at:
  • Go to settings for your GW Zoom account
  • Click on the Recordings tab
  • Check the box for "Audio Transcript" (screenshot below).
  • Save
  • When you make a recording, record to the cloud, not locally.  
Before sharing an important or enduring recording, please try to edit the transcript for accuracy and clarity. Go to the Recordings tab in your account. Open the recording and click on the pencil icon to edit the transcript on the right side.  
The auto-transcripts are not perfect, but they are always improving and providing transcripts is an important step toward improving the accessibility of course materials.
Recordin settings in Zoom. Audio transcript is the fifth checkbox from the bottom.
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