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A Look Back At 2016
We had a great year this year! We successfully continued to work with the stakeholders in our ecological initiatives and made a lot of progress. We brought partners together to form a new youth initiative in Harney County. We hired a new project coordinator to manage the 6 year Focused Investment Partnership grant from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. 
We had many conversations with foundations, and are excited to announce that we will be receiving $75,000 in funding in 2017 to develop a self-sustaining business plan, continue the youth initiative, and begin exploring the development of an economic initiative in Harney County. We hope you will follow along with us as we move into the new year and continue to build on the accomplishments of 2016!
Upcoming Events
January 10th
High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Winter moved in during the holidays in Harney County. Fresh snowfall on our new office in Hines, OR. 

HCRC Partner Leading the Way in Innovative Wood Product
Cross-laminated timber, or CLT, could help struggling forest communities across the United States. Harney County Restoration Collaborative partner D.R. Johnson is one of two companies in the US making this product currently. The wood used for this product can be used from trees as small as 5 inches or trees that have been infested with pine bark beetle. Read the article to learn about the challenges facing and exciting possibilities of their timber product.
December Open House 
We started off December with an open house for all of our initiative partners. We had over thirty partners from different initiatives drop by to see our new office and meet one another. We believe there is a lot of value in having stakeholders meet each other and understanding all the various work that is taking place in our community. It was a fun event and we hope to do it again soon!
Humans and Wildfire 
A recent study found that humans have had the greatest influence on wildfire activity. It also found that we can reduce the size and intensity of wildfires by using prescribed fire, something the Harney County Restoration Collaborative has been working towards. The larger the area we can burn using prescribed fire, the more resilient our forests will be to wildfire. Be sure to read the article to learn more. 
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Even the smallest contribution creates positive change in our organization! Become a steward of the land and community by giving today. 
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