Impact of Drought is Far Reaching in Harney County
Impact of Drought is Far Reaching in Harney County

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"Foresters have to be able to think decades ahead to try and meet objectives. Most of the time the desired conditions of a treatment may not even be totally realized within one's career, especially in these dry pine forests where growth is so much slower than other forested environments. What is challenging is to help others understand the long-term effects of these decisions. It is very easy just to see what is in front of you today, and much more difficult to think about what you are leaving, and what environmental processes will take place between today, and 30 to 50 years from now. Explaining the long term view of ecosystem management is definitely one of the most challenging aspects of my job." As shared by Matt Cawlfield a District Silviculturist in the southern Malheur Forest. READ MORE about Matt and his work.

Impact of Drought is Far Reaching in Harney County

It was a hot, dry summer, where long, hot spells created extreme drought conditions for the majority of Harney County. This in turn negatively impacted hay production, rangeland health and cattle operations as well as wildlife and the area’s waterways. READ MORE.
Pictured: You're looking at a much reduced Malheur Lake. Sitting at 48,000 acres last year, a recent aerial survey estimates it's current size at 7,000 acres.
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