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Michael Buckley

Hormone Solutions Update September 2014

Dear  Valued Customer,
So far, it's been an amazing year for Lawley Pharmaceuticals and Hormone Solutions.
In May, we went to Mexico for the 14th World Menopause Congress attended by over 2000 of the world’s leading clinicians. Delegates embraced the news that AndroFeme testosterone cream for women was available for all patients to access.
In June we received full regulatory approval for AndroForte 5 testosterone cream for men based on comparator studies with Androgel. Androgel (also marketed as Testogel) is the world’s most used form of testosterone. This pivotal study is awaiting publication. Below you can see an infographic that provides a cost comparison between AndroForte 5 and Androgel.
In late July, the latest AndroFeme pharmacokinetic study was published in the journal Menopause. The study went viral across the global medical news feeds. Testosterone use in women still remains one of the most talked about issues in medicine.
There have  been some important changes since last year regarding the site of application of AndroFeme testosterone cream for women. The AndroFeme Product and Consumer Info has been changed accordingly. Please view the article below for details.
Enjoy the news. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me directly via email at:

Yours sincerely
Michael Buckley
CEO / Medical Director / Pharmacist  

The Testosterone 'Causes' Heart Attack Controversy Abates

Thanks to the findings of a new study, the testosterone and cardiovascular health debate has cooled.
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Testosterone Cream and Natural  Production

We often get concerned patients asking – does using testosterone cream stop my body from producing testosterone naturally? 

Womens Rights To Fair Treatment
There is a worldwide movement for equal treatment of femal sexual dysfunction compared to men.
AndroForte vs AndroGel

We Welcome Your Feedback!

At Lawley and Hormone Solutions, we aim to deliver a premium service to our customers. We are always open to your feedback, questions or comments. Contact us at
Here is an email  we recently received:
Got my cream…many many thanks to you for that.
I cant tell you HOW much better I feel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex

Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex

A customer recently asked us: what can my wife do for her vaginal dryness and painful intercourse?

Measuring Testosterone in the Blood of Women

Measuring testosterone in the blood is a subject hotly debated among many in the medical world. The answer is even more complex for women.

Month On, Month Off – Cyclic Use of Testosterone in Men?

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order lawley creams
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"... Saul (at ILS) has provided great service and amazing fast shipping (may even be faster than Lawley). An outstanding product from an outstanding manufacturer, distributed by a customer service-driven company: a formula for success and happy customers of which I am one. Thanks Saul and continued success. — Hugh (Florida)"

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