August Newsletter UPDATED
August Newsletter UPDATED


In this newsletter sent earlier today the link to the article Providing Job Opportunities and Career Options for Local Youths was broken. Big thanks to a reader for letting us know. That link is now reattached below and you can quickly access this article here as well. This link takes you to our newsroom where you'll find Providing Job Opportunities and Career Options for Local Youths as the first story in the feed.

Mitch Baker

People Who Collaborate

"I have lived in Harney County most of my 74 years and most of that time lived right here on the family ranch." Mitch ranches just east of Burns at his family's place. "The ranch was purchased by my grandparents back in 1918, I am the third generation to own and operate the family ranch. I grew up and ranched with my dad and three brothers, at that time we were still using horses to do all our work, from farming, putting up all our hay and feeding cattle. I learned to work a team of horses at a very early age. READ MORE.
Pictured: Mitch Baker, Harney County rancher.

A Table and Chairs

As shared just a few weeks ago a table and chairs is the motif that is now High Desert Partnership's new logo. For more than fifteen years, High Desert Partnership (HDP) has been bringing people together to address challenges that impact Harney County. As we look ahead, we are renewing our commitment to strengthen the local economy, sustaining our vital natural resources and promoting a livable rural community for all. This is why there is a new look for HDP and the six collaboratives that it supports to provide a visual that supports the mission of HDP, bringing people together to find common ground in addressing rural challenges. Read more.

Carp Round-Up!

There won't be a carp derby this year but hopefully there will be a carp round-up. Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and the U.S. Forest Service are collaborating for an intensive carp removal event in the Blitzen River, catching the carp before they are able to head back to Malheur lake. Currently planned for September with COVID-19 precautions in place. Read more about this effort.
Pictured above: 2018 carp round-up and below a video of the action from 2018 when more than 8000 carp were caught.

Providing Job Opportunities and Career Options for Local Youths

In most communities, it is hoped that youths might grow up, perhaps go off to college or a trade school, and then bring back those skills and knowledge to the community that raised them. Harney County is no different. The Youth Changing the Community Initiative, a High Desert Partnership (HDP) collaborative, seeks to give local youths exposure to careers within Harney County in hopes they might one day choose a career path that could bring them back home. Read more.
Pictured above: Ryan Robles, Lucy Baron, Calvin Bates and Megan Ellibee, four members of the Harney County Wildfire Collaborative monitoring crew working in the Pueblo Mountains. 

Experiencing Harney County's Natural History

Events are planned by Portland Audubon's Eastern Oregon Field Coordinator, Teresa Wick.
Find the calendar of events here with the knowledge that future events could be cancelled to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Please check the calendar: Portland Audubon Harney County events before venturing out to an event or contact Teresa Wicks at
 2020 Upcoming Events 
Wednesday, August 19 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, September 17 | Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Tuesday, September 22 | Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, October 21 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, November 5 | Wet Meadow Summit, day one
Thursday, November 17 | Wet Meadow Summit, day two
Wednesday, November 18 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Wednesday, December 16 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
*All meetings, not including field trips, are virtual meetings that can be accessed via ZOOM conferencing or a phone call. Contact Ben Cate at for conferencing links and numbers. 

Shop Harney County!

Spark Mercantile is a new online marketplace supporting local Harney County makers making it possible for their goods to be purchased from far and wide while helping to create economic opportunity in Harney County.
Click SHOP below to see what's in the store.

Malheur Lake Airboat Tour

Feel the wind in your hair.

Reviving Malheur Lake

A short film about Malheur Lake, its current condition and what is being learned to help stage its revival.

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High Desert Partnership

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