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From Marines to fish biology, that’s the unexpected journey James Pearson has traveled. Currently a Fish Biologist for Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and an Oregon State University doctoral student James is developing a systems model for Malheur Lake that will help guide the Harney Basin Wetland Initiative collaborative group with the choices they make for Malheur Lake’s revival. Read More.
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Reviving Malheur Lake

Check out this new short film about Malheur Lake. The story it tells is one that James Pearson, Dr. Tamara Wood and others have helped us learn through their exhaustive research.
Many thanks to Richard Wilhelm and Sue Arbuthnot of Hare-In-The-Gate Productions for their vision and talent that produced this film. Special thanks to James Pearson and Dr. Tamara Wood for their time helping us understand the current conditions at Malheur Lake which this films documents.

Out Of Conflict And Strife An Idea Was Born

The High Desert Partnership’s origin story is like something out of a Marvel superhero movie. Out of conflict and strife, an idea was born, one that was different and untested at first, but one that gained strength, confidence and support until it became a fixture in the community. Now the High Desert Partnership facilitates collaboration that brings positive change in Harney County to achieve outcomes that benefit the greater good. Read More.
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The High Desert Partnership Story

An opportunity to hear from two of the founders of High Desert Partnership, Chad Karges and Gary Miller; rancher Dan Nichols and Executive Director Brenda Smith about collaboration in Harney County. Why did High Desert Partnership begin and how its collaborative work continues today, almost 15 years since it began. As the article above shared, out of conflict and strife, an idea was born.

August True Neighbor

"How does one honor someone who prefers to remain in the shadows of public attention rather than receive accolades for what is in reality her lifestyle? Joanie Henry does many thoughtful, kind things for many people who are struggling in some way. She is motivated by her love for others and her desire to come alongside them anonymously in their time of need. Those who know Joanie well, tell me that she prefers to work behind the scenes as a "worker bee" rather than the person in charge when there is an event such as holiday sales, estate sales or any event that requires set up. Whether it is for a friend, church, grandkids, or a total stranger, she will be there to do whatever needs to be done. It is my honor to call her my friend." ~Sandy Volle, July 2019 True Neighbor
True Neighbor, recognizing community members giving their talents to Harney County and making us stronger every day.

Upcoming Events    

Tuesday, September 3 - Sunday, September 8 | Harney County Fair, Rodeo & Racemeet
Wednesday, September 11 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 18 | Harney Basin Wetland Initiative Collaborative Meeting
Thursday, September 26 | Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Friday, September 27 | High Desert Partnership Collaboration Presentation at Central Oregon Community College
Wednesday, October 9 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, November 6 | Event at Oregon Historical Society Honoring 20 Individuals and their Contributions to Oregon, including Jack Southworth. The book A Generous Nature by Marcy Houle which features Jack and High Desert Partnership will be launched.
Thursday, November 14 | Wetland Conservancy's Wetlands & Wellies Annual Event
Wednesday, November 20 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, November 21 | Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, December 18 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting

The Harney County Way

Reflections from The Harney County Way May 2018 Collaborative Summit.

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Sagebrush Collaboration

A heavily researched story by professor and author Peter Walker of the strength and resilience of Harney County as the community faced a challenge it could have never anticipated.
Thanks to The Ford Family Foundation for adding Sagebrush Collaboration to their Select Books program. Select Books is an amazing program providing resources to educate and help us make a difference in our communities. If you live in Oregon or Siskiyou County, CA "you may order one copy of this book at NO CHARGE if you provide feedback about it."
Also, books can be purchased through Oregon State University PressThe Duck Store and Amazon

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