Keeping you engaged and informed
Keeping you engaged and informed
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Week of May 27, 2018 

Ward Forum This Tuesday, May 29th

Please join us on May 29 to learn about Pathways Planning and Experiential Learning programs in TDSB. Ron Felsen, Centrally Assigned Principal in the Teaching & Learning department, will share highlights from the Ministry's Creating Pathways to Success career development policy document and discuss how the TDSB supports students’ career life/planning in their journey from Kindergarten to Grade 12.
At the Ward Forum I would also like to elect an alternate for PIAC. Rachel Silber is our representative on the Parent Involvement Advisory Committee. For what that means, please click here and send me an e-mail. 
As well we need a representative and alternate for the FSLAC - Maureen Burnett who was our Ward representative has fulfilled her term and we sincerely thank her for her voice at representing us on the French as a Second Language Advisory Committee. Please click here for more information and please, if you are intrested, send me an e-mail.


Please note I will be attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM), of the Ontario Public School Boads' Association (OPSBA) on Thursday through Sunday. At the AGM, members determine priorities and directions for the coming year, elect officers and plan for the future. This event also includes a comprehensive professional development program for trustees.Please note I represent the TDSB as Vice President Enrolment on the OPSBA Executive. For more informtion on the program, please click here. I will be tweeting during the conference to share learnings. Follow #opsba18.

Bike to School Week 

Bike to School Week is coming up from May 28 to June 1. Schools can participate in Bike to School Week by encouraging their students to walk and roll to school, and by holding events both inside and outside the classroom to promote the benefits of active transportation. Here are some resources to share with your schools and communities: Students, families, educators - register your school’s activities to support your EcoSchools and Healthy Schools programming. Schools that register their events and complete the school reporting survey by Friday, June 15 will receive a certificate of participation. In 2017, 117 TDSB schools registered their events and we hope to see even more students and staff engaged this year. Schools can register their events and access additional resources by visiting

Board and Committees This Week

Governance and Policy Committee, Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 4:30 p.m. Cafeteria,            5050 Yonge Street
  • Board Bylaws Review, Stage One (Part Two) - the following matters are being presented for the Committee’s consideration (please see Appendix A for details):
    1. Definition of Committee of the Whole
    2. Standing Committee Chair and Vice Chair Elections
    3. Electronic Participation, Decorum and Quorum
    4. Board Meeting Consent Agenda
    5. Membership on the Audit Committee and the Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee
    6. House Committee Membership and Voting Privileges
    7. Board Committee Structure
  • Revision to Governance Procedure PR533, Election Activities and Use of Board Resources Clarification - Trustees will not use Board resources or funds to print or distribute information which promotes themselves as a candidate or any other candidate for municipal, provincial or federal office. Trustees may distribute information regarding all candidates’ meetings being held on Board property, provided that they are not a participant in the debate.
  • New Policy: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, Phase OneThe development of the Freedom of Information (FOI) and Protection of Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is recommended by staff to support implementation of the TDSB’s obligations under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), particularly with regard to the collection, use, and disclosure of information and protection of personal information held by the Board.
  • New Policy: Open Data, Phase FiveIn accordance with the Policy Development Work Plan, public consultations were held between September and October of 2017. Additional consultations with the Student Senate and Student Councils were held in April-May 2018. There were no substantial content changes as a result of the consultations.
  • P068, Accommodation and Program Review Policy: Policy Review, Phase One - 
    On 27 April 2018, the Ministry of Education revised an important guideline that impacts all Ontario school boards including the TDSB. The new guideline, the Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline, replaces the previous version dated March 2015. The release of the new guideline means that all school boards in Ontario must revise their existing policies to be compliant.. TDSB’s current Accommodation and Program Review Policy P068, found in Appendix A, will be revised.
  • P042, Appropriate Dress: Policy Review, Phase One The Toronto District School Board ’s Appropriate Dress Policy (P042) is currently being reviewed in accordance with policy review policy review directions outlined in the Integrated Equity Framework and the Director’s Response to the Enhancing Equity Task Force Report as well the newly-revised Equity Policy approved by the Board of Trustees on 18 April 2018.
  • Notice of Motion - Review of Policies and Procedures Related to Sexual Harassment and Misconduct (Trustee Brown, on behalf of Trustee Malik) 

May 23 Board Decisions re Ward 11

Eglinton Junior Public School: Access and License Agreement With Crosslinx Transit Solutions Constructors 
The Board decided:
(a) That the Director be authorized to negotiate and enter into a temporary access agreement with Crosslinx Transit Solutions Constructors to grant Crosslinx staff temporary access to Toronto Dis-trict School Board’s land located at Eglinton Junior Public School for the purpose of constructing a temporary scaffolding protection, fencing and other related work;
(b) That the Director be authorized to negotiate and enter into a temporary license agreement with Crosslinx Transit Solutions Constructors to accommodate construction, maintenance and monitor-ing of the above-noted fencing and scaffolding system.

Receipt of Section 37 Funds for Site Improvements at Oriole Park Public School 
The Board decided:
(a) That $350,000 received from the City of Toronto under Section 37 of the Planning Act to be used to fund costs related to the playground improvements to a portion of the site at Oriole Park Public School.
(b) That the Director be authorized to enter into a community use agreement with the City of Toronto for a period of fifteen years with regard to playground improvements to a portion of the TDSB lands at Oriole Park Public School.

Boundary Review for Eglinton Junior Public School and Maurice Cody Junior Public School 
The Board decided:
(a) That the junior attendance area for Maurice Cody Junior Public School be expanded to include the portion of the Eglinton Junior Public School junior attendance area that is located south of Eglinton Avenue and east of Mount Pleasant Road, effective September 1, 2019;
(b) That all students who reside in the portion of Eglinton Junior Public School’s junior attendance area described in Part (a) above and attend Eglinton Junior Public School as of the end of the 2018-19 school year be allowed to remain at Eglinton Junior Public School until they graduate;
(c) That all students who reside in the portion of Eglinton Junior Public School’s junior attendance area described in Part (a) above and who will be entering junior kindergarten in the 2018-19 school year be allowed to register at Maurice Cody Junior Public School for the 2018-19 school year.

Selections, Transfers and Placements of Principals and Vice-principals
Anthonly Levy – Acting Principal at Hillcrest Community School was made permanent 
Cathy Macina-Ciardullo was transferred from Gateway PS as Vice Principal to Davisville PS/Spectrum Alternative as Vice Principal effective September 1, 2018 – this is related to an additional allocation for the 2018-2019 school year.

Dealing with Controversial Issues

This was a very difficult week for Forest Hill Collegiate Institute because we had a controversial decision that brought angst and concern for students, staff, parents and community members. For those unaware, students from the Jewish Culture Club had put together a banner in the main hallway that announced Jewish Heritage Month modeled on the Israeli flag, and it was removed and relocated for programming in the library... As soon as I heard, I worked to have it moved back to its original location. In my opinion, as with other Heritage Month celebrations which often include flags in their banners, this was meant as a symbol of pride for the Jewish students, not as a political statement. It was a mistake made without malice. The banner will continue to hang in the main foyer of the school through the duration of Jewish Heritage Month.
The March of the Living assembly last Thursday, organized so beautifully by FHCI students to share their experience with their fellow students, provided historical context and deep feelings about Jewish heritage. At the assembly, and the following assembly that included all the other students not at the first assembly, Principal Fuentes expressed her regret and apologized for any division or sense of alienation that came as a result of her work and her decision in the FHCI community which she values and respects. Executive Superintendent Jim Spyropoulos addressed some of the equity challenges that the TDSB as a system is facing as well as those in schools, including FHCI.
I have responded to many e-mails and calls from students and parents at FHCI and from community members. I can tell you they do not all express the same opinion – symbols carry different meanings based upon an individual’s perspective. But a key learning for us all this week is the need to develop an environment where discomfort is seen as a natural part of learning and that respectful dialogue has to be maintained in order to introduce a variety of perspectives. That is the education we hope comes from Heritage Months at the TDSB.
We have a responsibility, as a school system, to support the conversations/learnings in all classrooms in all schools where students are asked to stretch their thinking regardless of topic or subject. We have an obligation as a system to ensure educators challenge their own bias in order to facilitate dialogues in the classroom. It has been a very difficult few days, there is no doubt, and we know we have work to do.  That work has begun...
“When we ask people to be tolerant of others, we do not ask them to abandon their personal convictions. We merely ask them to respect the rights, values and ways of being of those who may not share those convictions.” Supreme Court of Canada in Chamberlain v. Surrey School District No. 36

New Invitation - Oakwood CI Open Doors

Oakwood CI Students Revitalize 110 year-old School with Environmental Twist  — Oakwood CI students and staff will unveil a school revitalization project on May 30, 2018 at an ‘Open Doors’ event for students, families and community neighbours. In 2016, Oakwood announced plans to enhance the outside grounds and school walls of this St. Clair West academic institution. “Our students worked hand in hand with staff and the community to create a communal space for people to meet, share and socialize for years to come” says Steve Yee, Principal Oakwood Collegiate. “Using the beautiful old Oak trees from various TDSB properties, students worked to age, cut, plane and assemble the wood with inlaid designs to use as picnic tables on the property for students and residents to enjoy.” Along with an enhanced curriculum and improvements to its exterior property, OCI has also engaged students to craft unique and creative art installations throughout the interior of the school. The “Open Doors’ event allows families and community members to experience the new outdoor plaza, featuring four picnic tables & benches, and to walk through the school, enjoy the art installations and meet some of the artists and students in person. The Oakwood revitalization project is one of the projects the TDSB has in place to ensure that all usable wood removed from TDSB properties is returned to schools in another form. These trees are among the largest that have been milled by TDSB for the wood salvaging program and now ready for use by the TDSB. In keeping with the grade nine “Enhanced Pathways” de-streaming program for grade nine students introduced in September 2017, one of the first TDSB schools to do so, OCI is blooming with change while maintaining its community roots. 6:30 to 8:30 pm (community event) Oakwood Collegiate Institute, 991 St. Clair Ave West (Oakwood Avenue and St. Clair Avenue West).

Hodgson Community Meeting 

Please join us on Monday, June 11 at 7:00 pm.
The Board invites parents, guardians and caregivers of Hodgson Middle School,  Davisville Jr Public School, Eglinton Jr Public School, Maurice Cody Jr Public School and Oriole Park Jr Public School as well as members of the neighbourhood community to a meeting updating you on the pending addition for Hodgson. This is your opportunity to obtain information on the new proposed addition and  provide input regarding the project. Board staff will be there to present data, discuss options, listen carefully and answer your questions.

Worth Repeating

Director's GSA AwardsEvery year, three outstanding trans-positive GSAs/QSAs in the Toronto District School Board are recognized through the Director’s GSA Awards. Three $1,000 awards are awarded to student-led groups that have demonstrated a committed effort in helping create a school climate that is safer and more positive for students and staff of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Applications are now open for 2018! Submission deadline is June 8, 2018. 
The Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) is a volunteer, parent-led committee whose mandate is to support student success through parent engagement in education. PIAC is drafting a set of "Best Practices Recommendations" around school board consultations. To better inform our writing we are gathering feedback on school council and parent experiences and preferences with regards to school board communications. Please follow the link below to complete PIAC's Survey - Best Practices for Parent Consultation. Survey Deadline May 31st, 2018:
French Review - In collaboration with the TDSB Research Department, we are collecting information from parents/guardians, community members, staff and students about our FSL programs as part of a board-wide review process. The information collected will form the basis of a report to Board in the fall. We are conducting three more consultation meetings with parents and community. To view the presentation, click here. To read the Questions and Answers to date, click here. For details on the upcoming meetings, please click here. You are also encouraged to complete the survey here.  

Community Fun Fairs

Please know that our public schools welcome their neighbours to join with their school communities for these "fun raising and fundraising events - thanks in advance to all the volunteers and donors who support their local schools... and make memories for all the kids.
Community BBQ
Fun Fair
Fun Fair
Fun Fair
Spring Fair
Forest Hill Jr/Sr
Falcon Festival
Fun Fest
Fun Fair
Deer Park
Fun Fair
JR Wilcox
Fun Fair
West Prep
Fun Fair
Fall Fair

School Year Calendar 2017-18

The official school year calendar for the Toronto District School Board runs from September 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, inclusive. Before you set school events, please also ensure you check the Days of Significance Calendar which includes religious holidays.
Ramadan* May 16-June 14
Eid al Fitr* June 15
Victoria Day May 21, 2018
Elementary School PA Day June 8, 2018
Secondary School PA Day (Full Year Schools only) * June 27, 2018
Secondary School PA Day June 28, 2018
Board-wide PA Day June 29, 2018
For the complete School Year Calendar, click here.
For the School Year Calendar 2018-19 click here.
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