December Newsletter
December Newsletter

People Who Collaborate

The community of High Desert Partnership and the collaboratives we support are made of people from within Harney County and many who live beyond the sagebrush. This year we began providing profiles of who makes up this community and how they spend their time listening and being heard for the betterment of Harney County and our most daunting challenges—restoring healthy forests and wetlands, mitigating wildfire, creating opportunity for youth and growing Harney County's economy. Read about the people you see pictured above and watch for more profiles in 2020.

Flood Irrigated Meadows Providing Habitat

The Pacific Flyway, a superhighway for migrating birds, stretches from the West Coast to the Rockies, but one of the busiest branches cuts right through Harney County. Locals are familiar with the influx of birds as well as birders who want to see the various species that pause in the flood-irrigated wet meadows on their way north. Read more.

Cooperative Partnerships Highlight The 2019 Fire Season

Cooler, wetter summer meant fewer wildfires to fight this year. The Burns Interagency Fire Zone responded to 60 wildfires this summer that burned 2,791 acres, which is well below average. "It was attributed to the summer that we had. Everybody saw that it was a cooler weather summer. It was the save situation across the West," said Jeff Rose, the district manager for the Burns Bureau of Land Management. Read more.
An image of the Round Butte fire taken July 23, 2019.

Fine CARP Cuisine

You are looking at a picture of Thai Carp Sausage made by chef Lyf Gildersleeve with Flying Fish in Portland. This is one of three tasty bites made with carp that was served at The Wetlands Conservancy's annual event known as Wetlands & Wellies in Portland Thursday, November 14. The other carp bites on the menu were Smoked Carp Soup and Smoked Carp Mousseline Stuffed Eggs. And yes, the carp used in these recipes came from Harney County; they were caught in Moon Reservoir thanks to the fishing efforts of High Desert Partnership and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge staff. The Wetlands Conservancy has been a long time partner with the Harney Basin Wetland Initiative, one of High Desert Partnership's collaboratives, and serving carp to the folks who support the work of the The Wetlands Conservancy proved a valuable and tasty way to share some of the challenges the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative faces in reviving Malheur Lake.

Recognizing Jack Southworth

"Because it is so exciting. It's just so exciting to create a budget that enables you to carry on, and at the same time to create healthier grasslands, create healthier forests, create employees who enjoy working here that have kids going to our school. All that results in a quality of life. It's such a fascinating puzzle to figure out; what could you possibly do that would compete with that?" These are the words of rancher Jack Southworth from his profile in the book A Generous Nature by Marcy Cottrell Houle. On Wednesday, November 6, at an Oregon Community Foundation event at the Oregon Historical Society in Portland, Jack was honored along with more than 20 other individuals for their contributions to bettering Oregon's landscapes and the book, A Generous Nature, that profiles each of those honored, was launched. Jack Southworth is a past High Desert Partnership board member, an award-winning Seneca rancher and a long-time facilitator of the Harney County Restoration Collaborative. The book, A Generous Nature will be available at the library and can be purchased from OSU Press.

November's True Neighbor

Each month High Desert Partnership recognizes someone, a 'True Neighbor', who is making a difference in Harney County. For November, September and October's True Neighbors Alice Herauf and Diane Chapman nominated Ruthie Miller: "Ruthie Miller's positive attitude and dedication to our community makes her a true neighbor. Read more.

Strength In Diversity

"That diversity that often you see divides people around issues, we're using that diversity to come up with unique ideas and unique problem solving. That's what makes HDP successful is the people  . . . their relationships . . . and the diversity in thought perspective." ~Chad Karges
This is one thought shared from Chad Karges during a presentation and Q&A he, Gary Marshall and Brenda Smith gave at an event Friday, Sep 27 in Bend. This event was made possible through a partnership between City Club of Eugene and City Club of Central Oregon. Watch the talk for more about collaboration in Harney County. As one attendee to the event shared: "Wow, there's a lot going on in Harney County."

Reviving Malheur Lake

A short film about Malheur Lake, its current condition and what is being learned to help stage its revival.

2019 Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 18 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
2020 Upcoming Events
Wednesday, January 8 | Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, January 15 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, January 16 | Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, February 5 | Harney County Restoration Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, February 19 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Wednesday-Sunday, March 4-6 | American Fisheries Society Oregon Chapter Annual Meeting
Wednesday, March 18 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, March 19 | Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting

Sagebrush Collaboration

A heavily researched story by professor and author Peter Walker of the strength and resilience of Harney County as the community faced a challenge it could have never anticipated.
Thanks to The Ford Family Foundation for adding Sagebrush Collaboration to their Select Books program. Select Books is an amazing program providing resources to educate and help us make a difference in our communities. If you live in Oregon or Siskiyou County, CA "you may order one copy of this book at NO CHARGE if you provide feedback about it."
Also, books can be purchased through Oregon State University PressThe Duck Store and Amazon

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