Pandemic protocols, COVID testing, campus alert level, Naz dining and more
Pandemic protocols, COVID testing, campus alert level, Naz dining and more
Nazareth College

Campus Updates

Pandemic protocols

All of the protocols from the fall semester continue, including wearing masks, maintaining 6-foot distancing from others, one-way doorways/hallways, and frequent cleaning, disinfection, and personal hygiene steps. See the helpful summary: COVID-19 safety policies (pdf).
Daily screening online, then kiosk check-in
Each day you’re on campus:
  1. Online: Like during fall 2020, within the two hours before you arrive (for commuters) or head out of your residence hall (if you live on campus), complete your daily COVID-19 screening online. For details, including how to put that link on your phone’s home screen, see Screening & Kiosks.
  2. Kiosk scan: Then, once a day, scan your green badge screening result at a kiosk by holding your green badge QR code a few inches above the center of a kiosk screen. There are now 23 kiosks across campus: See the kiosk locations. (If there is a line, you can scan in later the same day.)
Accountability: Every student, faculty, and staff member shares responsibility and accountability for the health and safety of our campus community. As guided by the College’s Code of Conduct/Ethics for students and for faculty and staff, honesty is expected in your completion of the screening questions. Providing accurate responses demonstrates our collective commitment to the sizable responsibility we share, together, in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy campus community. To ensure we are working together and completing our screening on a daily basis, select staff and student health ambassadors will perform random badge checks every day in academic, residential, dining, and outdoor areas. Faculty may also perform badge checks in their classrooms. Be prepared to show your badge and join us in keeping our campus healthy! Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and support.
COVID-19 Testing
As shared earlier, all students who will be on campus for any reason this semester need to complete all of these COVID-19 testing requirements — including two initial COVID tests, one near home and one on campus: 
Pre-semester: Complete your pre-semester test (near home) and upload the documentation to the student health portal. Consequences: Students who fail to provide a test result will get a red badge on Nazareth’s daily COVID-19 screening online, your NazCard ID will be temporarily deactivated, and you will be restricted from accessing campus facilities until testing documentation is received. Missing class for failure to provide test results is not an excused absence, so please be sure to submit your results before you arrive on campus. See the additional state-required protocols if you live out-of-state, beyond the states that border New York.
Arrival: In addition, mark your calendar to complete your on-campus arrival rapid test. Plan to bring your phone since you’ll need to show your daily green badge. Full details are on Surveillance Testing (including how this gentle test happens).
Ongoing surveillance: From February 8 (week 2 of classes) forward, a random selection of the campus community (students, faculty, and staff) will be emailed each week to get tested on campus. Look for that email on Thursdays with instructions to go to walk-in testing on the following Monday or Tuesday during specific hours. Read more.
Also, keep wearing masks and following social distancing and other protocols both on and off campus, to protect ourselves and community members.

Campus alert level

Nazareth’s pandemic response planning team closely monitors campus COVID-19 case trends and severity, testing capacity, quarantine/isolation space, and essential service capabilities. The team also monitors data in our region, including COVID-19 cases, trends, and hospital usage; testing capacity; contact tracing; availability of personal protective equipment; trends among comparable colleges; and child care availability. That data, along with state and local public health protocols, help determine the College’s operational level and protocols.

Naz Dining

On-campus dining service resumes Saturday, January 30. (The Dining Commons is available starting at breakfast January 29 for students approved by Residential Life to return early.)
Per state guidelines, eat-in dining is currently allowed at 50% capacity, with a maximum of 4 per table. It is safest to share a table only with people you live with and wear face coverings as much as possible. Protocols in dining locations also include 6-foot social distancing practices; hand washing and sanitizing; enhanced cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting procedures in dining outlets; and focused wellness protocols for staff.
For ordering information, Bite U app, hours, and catering information, see Naz Dining.

Extra student services Sunday

As everyone gets ready for Monday’s start of the semester, the following Nazareth offices — typically reachable 8:30-4:30 weekdays — also will be available for Zoom and phone meetings from noon-2 p.m. this Sunday, January 31.
Here are the office webpages and email addresses. You can email a question or to request a Zoom appointment, which offices will try to schedule for the same day:

Pandemic lessons

Thank you to all of the students who answered our survey about lessons from the pandemic and how it’s changed you.
Paul Gaston
Communicating online has "given me the opportunity to get better at paying attention to context. Oftentimes it can be very difficult to understand context over something like a text message. I have gotten better at listening to what people have to say, despite the physical limitations," says Paul Gaston '23, music composition major from Bluff Point, N.Y. He also focuses on safe interacting in person. “As the President of the Decks and Dice club, one of the largest clubs on campus, I work with students to figure out safe meetings in smaller groups with masks and social distancing, or on Zoom. Safety is of prime significance to me."
Kelly Menna
The pandemic brings so many adjustments. “It has made me a more adaptable person and someone who’s okay flying by the seat of their pants, just because of how quickly things change,” says Kelly Menna ‘22G, who’s studying higher education student affairs administration (HESAA). “I value time spent with friends more than I did before, and I probably will never complain about visiting my grandma again once it’s safe to do so. I think another thing the pandemic did for me was reframe the Serenity Prayer: God, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. With so much out of my control, the pandemic gifted me with things I could control: my education. I think when all is said and done, the greatest gift the pandemic could have given me will be my master’s. I think I’ll make sure my friends know that I value and cherish our time together and that I love them. Also, as I go forward into my own career into higher education I’ll remind my own students and those I run across that they have to have the courage to change the things they can control. To be strong and proactive even when it seems hopeless and useless to do so.”
Josh Theodorou
Sometimes you just need a quick pep talk. Joshua Theodorou, a LifePrep student from the Rochester area, has got you covered: "Keep on working hard. And don't give up," he says. He adds that the pandemic has given him the gift "to do what I want to do."

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 resources

Question of the week

I’m a student. Do I need to arrange a COVID-19 test before I come to campus AND also get tested on campus during the first week of classes?


Yes. The multi-test approach is designed to quickly identify, isolate, and care for new cases that don’t have symptoms, to help prevent outbreaks on campus. A significant number of people with COVID-19 have no symptoms but are still contagious. Controlling the disease and its spread are necessary to protect people’s health and to enable the in-person, on-campus student experiences that Nazareth is committed to offering.
Each of us on campus, doing our part every day to follow protocols, makes a difference. 
See other new Q&As on Surveillance Testing.
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