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COVID-19 vaccination booster requirement and clinic. Click for details.
Graphic with a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. that says,
U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021

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Rooney Center's project to address threats to democracy

The Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy is launching The January 6th, 2025, Project — a research, teaching and public engagement initiative devoted to understanding and averting looming threats to U.S. democracy. (More...)
“The state of American democracy is well past the point of caution or concern — it is wavering on the brink of collapse. And democracy scholars owe the public a candid evaluation of the impending threats to our system of government.” — Matthew E.K. Hall, director of the Rooney Center and the David A. Potenziani Memorial College Professor of Constitutional Studies
The sun sets behind the Golden Dome.


The University’s 2021 in review

The year began with the historic spring semester, which included an on-campus COVID-19 vaccine clinic and culminated in an in-person Commencement. The University rallied to meet the challenges of 2021, which included breakthroughs achieved in research and academics, and progress made in service to the Church and the common good. Take a look back. 
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Renieris' tech tweet shared in Fortune

Elizabeth M. Renieris, director of the Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab, joined other high-profile commenters on Twitter reacting to the recent fraud conviction of Elizabeth Holmes, the tech CEO and founder of Theranos, a blood-testing startup. Renieris' tweet was included in a recent article in Fortune. (Article)
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Geographical diversity displayed with campus banners

In 1850, Notre Dame welcomed its first international student, from Mexico. Since then, nearly 40,000 students from outside the U.S. have studied here. Today, there are international students from 107 countries, as well as students from all 50 states, two U.S. territories and Washington, D.C. Their flags are on display on campus. (More...)
Campus K-Cycle successes in 2021 39 offices participated 416 pounds of cups recovered 312 pounds of coffee composted 104 pounds of material recycled 10 boxes collected by OIT (most boxes) 57 pounds turned in by CRU (most pounds)
Lessons in Sustainable Living with Caitln Jacobs


Lesson 4: Freezing helps you waste not, want not

Long before Caitlin Jacobs joined the Office of Sustainability, her grandmother taught her a way of life we now call "sustainable." There was no food thrown away, no empty butter tubs that wouldn’t have a second life as a home for leftovers. Her grandmother's tips,  like stocking the freezer with leftovers, inform Jacobs' sustainable lifestyle. (More...)
Google First Wizarding College


Level up your Google skills: Work smarter, win prizes

Are you ready to increase your Google proficiency to Wizard level? The Google First Wizarding College is open for enrollment to ND faculty and staff. This online game allows you to practice with Google tools while having fun, winning prizes, and learning Google magic tricks. (More...)
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