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Volume 32 - 2021-2022

Dr. Amit Shukla standing with Zainab Soumahoro

Note from the Chair

Welcome to Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Miami University. Miami University has continually been at the forefront of providing a broad liberal education. To be the most student focused undergraduate engineering program, we have a long tradition of undergraduate teaching excellence. Our college is ranked in the Top 20 of engineering programs by public institutions, where the highest degree is master’s (not counting the military academies), by US NEWS.   In MME, our faculty members are dedicated to educating over 550 undergraduate and 22 graduate students, and to maintaining and developing world-class and socially engaged research programs.

The current pandemic has resulted in an unbelievable loss of social capital for higher education and the impact of this loss are yet to be fully understood. We also lost much of the community and connectivity which comes from ad hoc on engagement of being on campus even though we utilized digital tools. We learned that our MME community is highly adaptive and resilient. In addition, last year gave us all –alumni, students, staff and faculty, a chance to be innovative and resourceful in learning and growing.   

Engineers change the world and make it better with their imagination, intellect and ingenuity. Our alumni are doing the same by creating new food making robots, enhancing supply chain, creating environments for collaboration and learning, developing better medicine, imagining new transportation technologies, designing robotic and automation systems, developing tools for space explorations, and sustainability. MME faculty and staff are so proud of our alumni and invite you to share your stories with our current students so they can find their role models.

Our students are ambitious, engaged and curious. Ms. Zainab Soumahoro, currently a first-generation, third-year student in Mechanical Engineering has been awarded the Menditto Scholarship. Zainab is from Cincinnati where her family emigrated from the Ivory Coast and is currently taking many of our 200 level classes. She served as a student orientation undergraduate leader for 2021 and is currently a member of the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute.  Zainab loves mathematics and is studying to be a mechanical engineer so she can change the world and make it better by helping others with her imagination, intellect, and ingenuity. Zainab is also an active member of Miami's NSBE chapter.

We need your help as MME alums and friends to create a diverse and inclusive climate for graduating future engineers. I thank you for your support of MME. Please contact our department at (513) 529-0710 or if you would like additional information about our programs.

Love and Honor,
Amit Shukla
Professor and Chair 

Heanon Wilkins Faculty Fellows

Miami University's Heanon Wilkins Fellows Program provides a culturally diverse faculty member with mentoring, equivalent faculty salary, research-related funding, potential for a permenent position at Miami, and the opportunity to live and work with a community of enthusiastic scholars.  During their one-year appointment, Heanon Wilkins Fellows will conduct research as well as teach in their department. MME was fortunate to recruit two Heanon Wilkins Fellows for the 2021-22 academic year;  Dr. Abigail Clark and Dr. Katherine Ehlert. 
Dr. Kathy Ehlert, Heanon Wilkins Scholar

Dr. Kathy Ehlert

Dr. Kathy Ehlert joined the MME faculty in August 2021. For this past year, she has been teaching as a lecturer at Clemson University’s Mechanical Engineering and General Engineering departments. Dr. Ehlert earned her Ph.D. in Engineering and Science Education from Clemson University in August 2020 where she worked on multiple NSF-supported research projects. Previously, she earned her master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University, where she focused on exploring the impact of osteoporosis and its treatments on the microscopic mechanics of bone, and her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Prior to beginning her doctoral work, Dr. Ehlert worked as a consultant for 3 years at Exponent, Inc. in their Biomechanics division supporting medical device and other consumer product companies in mechanically evaluating and improving their designs. Dr. Ehlert’s current research interests are in the impacts of co-op experiences on student academics, student pathways into, through, and out of engineering disciplines, and the influence of STEM disciplinary epistemologies on students and their views of knowledge and where it comes from. 

Dr. Abigail Clark

Dr. Abigail Clark

Dr. Abigail Clark joined the MME faculty in August 2021. Dr. Clark earned her Ph.D. in Engineering Education from The Ohio State University in August 2021. During her graduate work, she participated in a wide range of research projects including how choices made in first-year engineering programs impact community and identity development among students, and the impact of informal engineering experiences on middle school girls' engineering identity. Her research interests include informal engineering education, P12 engineering education, and women's experience within the engineering field. Additionally, she olds a master's degree (2020) in Mechanical Engineering from OSU, with research focused on low-head hydropower turbines, and a bachelor's degree (2012) in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio Northern University. Prior to starting grdaute school, Dr. Clark worked as a researcher at Battelle Memorial Insitutute in Columbus, Ohio. In her personal life, Dr. Clark enjoys board games, cross stitiching, and reading historical fiction.

Dr. Sk Hasan

New Robotics Focused Faculty

Dr. Sk Hasan joined the MME faculty in August 2021 as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Hasan earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2021, he also earned his master’s from the same university. Dr.Hasan's research areas are Rehabilitation robotics, Mechatronics system design, and Computer supervised rehabilitation system design. As part of his Ph.D. thesis, he designed and controlled a seven degrees of freedom human lower extremity exoskeleton robot. He has more than ten years of experience in Robotics and Control. He published more than 10 articles as a first author in the field of rehabilitation robotics. Dr. Hasan is excited about the prospect for advancing new robotics programs. 

Mr. Karl Reiff

Karl Reiff
Assistant Lecturer 

Mr. Karl Reiff, who joined Miami in 2004 as the MME Lab Coordinator will now be serving in a new role in the MME Department. Beginning fall 2021, he moved to the faculty side of the department as an Assistant Lecturer. Mr. Reiff earned his B.S. in Engineering from Miami University and went on to continue his education, earning an M.Ed. in the Transformative Education Department in 2017. Prior to joining Miami, Mr. Reiff worked at Neaton Corporation in Eaton, Ohio as a Manufacturing Engineer. He has also advised the RedHawk Racing SAE Formula and Baja teams since 2005. Mr. Reiff's industry experience and experience managing the manufacturing labs at Miami are an asset to Miami, the MME department and the students who have the privilege of working with him. Outside of work, Mr. Reiff enjoys hiking in Red River Gorge, playing music on the various instruments he's skilled in, playing hockey and spending time with his wife and two children. 


Please join the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department in congratulating the following faculty (featured Left to Right)
  • Dr. James Chagdes - promotion to Associate Professor
  • Dr. Giancarlo Corti - promotion to Associate Professor
  • Dr. Muhammad Jahan - promotion to Associate Professor
  • Dr. Andrew Sommers - promotion to Full Professor
Dr. James Chagdes Dr. Giancarlo Corti Dr. Andrew Sommers
Summer Scholars Program in MME
Summer of 2021 brought the first offering of the Summer Scholars Program in MME. This program is a two-week summer experience for high-achieving high school students who are rising juniors or seniors the following fall. The program provides experiential learning for these students which helps to prepare them for future success. It allows participants to dive deeply into an academic topic, engage in hands-on learning activities, and forge relationships with influential Miami University faculty members and experienced professionals in a field they are interested in. Participating in the Summers Scholars Program also gives students priority consideration for admission to Miami and to scholarships. 
This summer, Dr. Amit Shukla organized the effort for MME but relied on the participation of many of the MME faculty. Dr. Shukla focused on humanitarian and problem solving as part of the Engineering Grand Challenges developed by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). This summer's project asked students to work in groups to imagine and design a prototype of a canister that could be used to collect samples from deep within in the ocean. The main aspect of the project was to focus less on the science and more on creatively addressing the problem to come up with a solution. In just two weeks, the students were able to take part of the process that companies often spend millions of dollars completing. They were able to improve their designs through collaboration and constructive criticism, which is a valuable skill to acquire prior to entering higher education. The teams also got to look at more relatable problems and designs, like engineering phone cases or testing wear rates by eating lollipops. 
Dr. Shukla's favorite part of the program was connecting with these students, he was even invited to join them for Karaoke by the end of the session. Dr. Shukla reflected on the program by stating "I learned that the students had the excitement and the energy to really attack a very challenging problem. If we can keep that excitement and the energy throughout the curriculum in all four years, we will see so many amazing things when they graduate." 

Two students listening to student presenter with picture of design on board Classroom of students listening to professor in front Students in classroom with student leader at board Group of studetns using computers and marker drawings
Group of students listening to instructor in MME Lab Group of students listening to instructor in front of computer
Dr. Justin Ye and his research group standing in the lab
2021 Outstanding Faculty Research Award

Dr. Justin Ye and his group of researchers are highly involved in research with over 33 publications in prestigious journals. This has resulted in Dr. Ye being awarded the Outstanding Faculty Research Award for 2021. Dr. Ye's group investigates materials using nanotribology, nanomechanics, and advanced materials. Ye's group is focused on nanotribology as it applies to more advanced materials to be used for advancements in the automotive and/or aerospace industries. One project they are currently interested in is the concept of "self healing polymer." These could be used fo fix issues such as flat tires by creating a polymer that would repair itself. Dr. Ye is no stranger to awards at Miami University. In 2019, he was the first faculty member from the MME department to receive the Junior Distinguished Scholar Award. He has also received numerous grants and awards to fund his research since he joined the department in 2016. Dr. Ye takes pride in being able to address some challenges that haven't been addressed previously. We look forward to seeing what discoveries Dr. Ye and his research group find in the future. 

Arthur Olson Generational Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award

Established in 2004, the Arthur Olson Generational Teaching Excellence Award is named in honor of three generations of Arthur Andrew Olsons, the last of which graduated from Miami University's College of Engineering and Computing in 1972. This year, Dr. James Chagdes, associate professor in MME, was honored with this award. Dr. Chagdes joined MME in 2015 after two years of post-doctoral work at Purdue Universuty. He has primarily taught MME/ECE 436/536 (Control of Dynamic Systems) but has also taught several other courses during his time at Miami. Dr. Chagdes believes that communication is key to being a good professor. He tries to communicate with his students in different ways in order to reach each and every student. In addition to teaching and research, Dr. Chagdes serves as the director for the Miami University Center for Assistive Technology (MUCAT) which hosts a Design Innovation Challenge each year. Congratulations, Dr. Chagdes on this amazing honor.
Beena Sukumaran, James Chagdes, Amit Shukla and award.
Mr. Wyatt Bischoff, Academic Advisor, MME
MME Welcomes Academic Advisor Wyatt Bischoff
Wyatt Bischoff joins the MME staff as an academic advisor focused on first and second year students. Bischoff earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education from Miami in 2019, followed by a Master's in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University. He brings with him a passion to help STEM students and the familiarity with student life that only an alumnus of Miami can bring. Bischoff believes his experience of being a student at Miami will allow him to relate personally to the students he will be advising. Throughout his time at Miami, he changed majors several times which will give him the ability to relate to students who are struggling with where they will go academically. In his free time, Mr. Bischoff enjoys running and swimming, trying new restaurant cuisines, gaming and creative writing. The MME department looks forward to working with Mr. Bischoff and his contributions towards student success. 

Dr. Larry Butkus

Advisory Board to Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Larry Butkus joins the MME faculty as a Visiting Assistant Professor in fall 2021. His path towards this position and affiliation with Miami's MME Department stretches back to early 2003 when MME's then chair, Dr. Osama Ettouney, asked for a meeting to conduct a mock accreditation evaulation of the mechanical engineering program in advance of the formal ABET visit. As a result of Dr. Butkus's assistance, he was asked to serve on the External Advisory Board, which sparked a longtime friendship with Dr. Ettouney, the MME department and Miami University. 

Dr. Butkus completed his PhD at Georgia Institute of Technology and discovered a love of teaching engineering after being assigned to the Air Force Academy as a young officer. He recently retired from the USAF after 21 years of active duty and 14 years of civilian service. In addition to teaching MME 211-Static Modeling in MME, Dr. Butkus is a volunteer with ABET in accrediting undergraduate engineering programs and serves on a scholarship board at Wright-Patterson AFB. He has three daughters sprinkled across the country. Along with his wife Kathy, keeping tabs on his three daughters, various home projects and attempting to say fit leads to a full schedule. 
Samuel Pearl in USAFROTC Uniform with flag
Q&A with ROTC Student

Sam Pearl
Senior Mechanical Engineering major
Air Force ROTC

What are your future goals?

My goal for the future is to serve in the USAF in some capacity of engineering, whether that is civil engineering or a more research/developmental engineering, I am not sure yet. 

What led you to Miami University to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering?

I visited Miami in high school and just really fell in love with the campus. I have always loved physics and that real world application so when I was looking for schools, my big requirements were a beautiful open campus and a strong engineering program, and nothing else seemed to compare to Miami.

What resources have been the most helpful to you as an ROTC student?

My classmates and the open classrooms have honestly been the most helpful. Whenever there is a big test coming up with material I may not quite understand, I have a friend or two in a class with me and we find an open room and spend a couple hours with practice problems and ultimately pray to come out the other side with better understanding.

How do you balance the re\igorous curriculum in engineering with your ROTC requirements?

It is a lot of forgetting things to start, but eventually (in my senior year) I have found a system of time management that works for me. I love the Google calendar and my notebook, (I write down everything). 

Who is someone who has had a strong influence on you at Miami University?

My older brother has had a strong positive influence on me at Miami. He has been available to help tutor me, challenge me, and in addition he has always been available to just grab some food from a dining hall or Pulley's when I wanted someone to join (I think he just enjoyed the free food).

*Editor's note:  Sam's older brother, David Pearl, earned his Bachelor's and Master's from Miami University's Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering program.

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
by the Numbers

2020-2021 MME Degrees Awarded
Engineering Management - 9
Manufacturing Engineering - 8
Mechanical Engineering - 98
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering - 8

2021-2022 MME Current Majors
Engineering Management with a Manufacturing Specialty - 44
Manufacturing Engineering - 16
Mechanical Engineering - 443
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering - 23

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Faculty and Staff

Amit Shukla
Chair, Professor 
Christy Perry-Owens
Administrative Assistant 
Wyatt Bischoff
Academic Advisor 
Larry Butkus
Visiting Asst Professor 
Edgar Caraballo
Asst Teaching Professor 
James Chagdes
Associate Professor 
Abigail Clark
Heanon Wilkins Fellow 
Giancarlo Corti
Associate Professor 
Anna Dollár
Marek Dollár
Kathy Ehlert
Heanon Wilkins Fellow 
Carter Hamilton
Associate Professor 
Sk Hasan
Assistant Professor
Yingbin Hu
Assistant Professor 
Muhammad Jahan
Associate Professor 
Fazeel Khan
Jeong-Hoi Koo
Bradley Martin
Lab Technician 
James Moller
Associate Professor 
Pat Niskode
Visiting Asst Professor 
Karl Reiff
Assistant Lecturer 
John Richter
Assistant Lecturer 
Jinjuan She
Assistant Professor 
Mark Sidebottom
Assistant Professor 
Kumar Singh
Andrew Sommers
Xinyi Xiao
Assistant Professor 
Justin Ye
Assistant Professor 
Mehdi Zanjani
Assistant Professor 


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