Your group has been placed into Transition on JumboLife
Your group has been placed into Transition on JumboLife
Tufts Campus Life
Action Required: Student Organization transition
April 22, 2024
Hello ,
Earlier today you and every officer with current Admin Access to JumboLife received a notification from notifying you that it is time to transition your student organization. Please use the link in that email or follow the directions in the video below to complete your JumboLife Transition Form as soon as you have identified your 2024-25 leadership, and before the August 15 deadline.
Each year, the Office for Campus Life requires student organizations to re-register to provide updated contact information, identify their ReserveTufts contact, determine their TCU Treasury signatories (if applicable), and sign off on certain Tufts policies. This  annual registration is completed via the JumboLife Transition Form. Even if your organization typically transitions leadership between the fall and spring semester, your organization has been put into transition. We want to ensure that every organization's information is as up to date as possible for the start of the next academic year.
While student organizations are encouraged to complete their annual JumboLife Transition Form as soon as they have identified their 2024-25 officers, do not complete the form until your new leadership has been selected and you can fully update the roster. Officers added mid-year are not automatically granted Admin Access.
Now that your organization is placed in Transition, you will not be able to complete Event Registration Forms or other JumboLife forms until you have completed your Transition Form. As a reminder, the last day for groups to reserve spaces or register an event was April 12th. 
How to Submit Your Transition Form:
Transition & Annual Registration Tutorial Video
Key Things to Note:
  • The form needs to be completed by ONE current officer. Only your current officers with Admin Access will be able to submit the Transition Form. This means that if your officers are graduating, you should ensure they complete the Transition Form before the end of the semester. 
  • You can only submit this once, please ensure you have all your updates complete prior to submitting. 
  • Once your submission is approved, any members added as an officer (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Committee Chair) will automatically be granted Admin Access with the ability to manage your organization, including editing your Organization Registration (and thus public page), add or remove people from your Roster, and submit or edit any Event Registration forms. This is the only time that Admin Access is granted. Adding members to your roster mid-year will not grant them access.
  • Once your submission is approved, any officers who are removed will automatically have their Admin Access revoked. 
  • Because of this automation, the officer positions are limited to those listed above. We recognize many groups have custom position names, and those individuals should be listed as a “Committee Chair.” Please list those that most closely align to the other officer roles, and note that you must include a President and Treasurer. 
  • You can always return to make additional edits to your organization later, but officer Admin Access can only be granted via the Transition Form. 
  • Approval typically takes 1-3 business days after being submitted. 
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to

Parents & Family Weekend: Avenue of the Arts
We are still looking to gauge your interest in performing at the 2024 Parents and Family Weekend Arts Festival, which will take place on Saturday, October 19th, 2024. If you are interested in this performance opportunity, even if your group has been asked to perform in the past, we would like to learn more about your group! Please complete this form by May 10th. 
Once the planning team identifies the groups in this year’s rotation, a formal invitation with event details will be sent in the coming months.

Leadership Transition Training
If you and your organization is interested in receiving the slide deck for the Leadership Transition Training that was held on April 9th, please reach out to Alexa Erb ( 

Alexa Erb
Associate Director for Campus Life, Student Engagement

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