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Check Out the Multifamily Customer Portal’s New Features
The Portal Just Got a Lot More Magical
Minnesota Housing recently rolled out several new features in the Multifamily Customer Portal (Portal). Read on to learn more.
Apply for Funding Wizard
If you have created a project in the Portal recently you may have noticed when you click, ‘Apply for Funding’ you no longer see a static page with many fields to complete. We rolled out a new a new user interface to improve the project setup process.
The Apply for Funding Wizard: 
  • Guides the user through the project setup process. Based on the information provided, questions are added or removed. In the past you had to enter ‘NA’ into required fields that were not applicable.

  • Allows you to review for accuracy. Before you create your project, you can review the data you have provided on the ‘Review and Create Project’ tab.
  • Provides easy access to related resources. Links to Minnesota Housing’s Community Profiles, Portal user guides, and other resources are available throughout the Apply for Funding Wizard.

  • Confirms your project was created successfully. After you create a project, you’ll receive a confirmation message that your project was created successfully and explains next steps. 
Project Team Access Requests
Project sponsors can choose to give individuals outside of their organization access to the project to assist with the application and/or due diligence. Previously, users had to fill out a word document and email the request to Minnesota Housing. 
Multifamily Customer Portal Project Team Access Request screenshot
The Project Team Access Request:
  • Allows users to electronically submit a team member request. This eliminates the need to email a document back and forth. 

  • Tracks the status of your request. You can quickly see if the request was granted or is still in process.

  • Lets you add more team members over time. You can submit additional requests at any time by going to the ‘Project Team Requests’ tab on your project. 
Scoring Wizard
There is a new Scoring Wizard for the Self-Scoring Worksheet that all applicants must use for scoring their application to the 2021 Consolidated Request for Proposals (RFP). The Scoring Wizard replaced the Excel version of the Self-Scoring Worksheet. 
The Scoring Wizard:
  • Guides the user through the scoring process. When you enter information about your project, the Scoring Wizard identifies the points you are eligible for based on the information provided.

  • Create test scenarios. Not sure how claiming certain criteria will impact your score? You can create up to four scenarios in the Scoring Wizard and then submit the final version when you are ready. 

  • Reduces duplicative data entry. We have reduced the number of times you need to enter unit counts and other duplicative data. 
  • Auto calculates formulas in real-time to reduce complexity and errors. Not sure which value to include in the denominator? The Scoring Wizard does the calculations for you.
  • Provides easy access to scoring resources. Links to the scoring guide and other resources are available throughout the Scoring Wizard. 

  • Generates a PDF scoring report. You can create a PDF of the points you claimed to download for your records. 
Training Resources: See the New Features in Action
Minnesota Housing hosted two training opportunities where staff demoed the Apply for Funding Wizard, Project Team Access Request and Scoring Wizard. 
View the recordings:
NOTE: Minnesota Housing offered two live Scoring Wizard training options. The presentation content is the same but the Q&A information at the end of each training is different.
Access the User Guides:
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