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February 23, 2021

Video Clip: Associations see early industry adoption of COVID-19 ACA/IFSA Guideline
Video Clip: How Acumen's Mint cabin design for JetBlue enhances privacy and comfort
​WestJet hires first Chief Medical Officer

SATS brings dining concepts to Singapore hospital
Gulf Air and Etihad Airways to deepen partnership beyond respective hubs
Recaro signs SFE contract with Airbus
Geven outfits two classes of Uganda Airlines' A330-800,-plane-talking-products-limited/#.YDUzIC3b1pQ
JOB POST: Global Sales Reps, Plane Talking Products Limited,-2021/#.X6q-jC_b3OS

 LAST WEEK'S TOP STORIES,-plane-talking-products-limited/#.YDUzIC3b1pQ
Geven and PriestmanGoode partner on next-gen seats
Delta finalizing digital concierge for pandemic travel
IdeaNova Technologies adds Inplay Video Chat to IFE portal
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