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Congratulations 2018 Single Family Request for Proposals (Impact Fund) Awardees!
Last month Minnesota Housing announced funding decisions made through the Single Family and Multifamily Requests for Proposals (RFP) processes. Minnesota Housing and funding partners Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and the Metropolitan Council awarded a total of $12.3 million for single family projects, which will be administered through the Impact Fund. See the Minnesota Housing website for a summary of awards. 
Organizations receiving funding will be contacted soon to schedule a launch meeting to discuss contract terms and program requirements to help you implement a successful project.
New Process: Green Communities Criteria Unit-Specific Submissions
For projects awarded in 2018, Administrators must submit a unit-specific Green Communities Intended Methods Worksheet prior to the start of construction or rehabilitation of the first unit. 
What to submit: Administrators must provide Minnesota Housing with the following: 
  • An Intended Methods Worksheet specific to the first unit.
    • While we will only review this for the first unit, Administrators are expected to comply with Green Communities Criteria for all units. Compliance is subject to review during monitoring.
  • Building plans and specifications.
  • An “as-designed” HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Energy Model to ENERGY STAR® Certified New Home standards (for New Construction Projects or Acquisition, Rehabilitation, Resale Projects) or an Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan (for Acquisition, Rehabilitation, Resale Projects).
We may withhold disbursements until we receive and approve these documents. 
How to submit: Send these items to impact.fund.mhfa@state.mn.us. Contact Nick Boettcher at 651.296.9567 with questions.
Who it impacts: Green Communities Criteria apply only to New Construction and Acquisition, Rehabilitation, Resale Projects where Impact Fund dollars are used for Value Gap. Green Communities Criteria do not apply to Stand-alone Affordability Gap, Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation, or Tribal Indian Housing Program projects.
More information about Green Communities Criteria is available on the Impact Fund web page.
Visitability Requirement
Visitability is an important policy goal because it allows people with mobility impairments to enter a home and comfortably stay.
As noted in the 2018 Single Family RFP, the Visitability requirement applies to all new construction units financed with Impact Fund interim construction loans or supported by Impact Fund Value Gap dollars awarded through the 2018 Single Family RFP. 
Required Visitability elements are: 
  • 32-inch clear opening doorways throughout the Qualified Dwelling Unit
  • At least one no-step entrance
  • A half bath, or larger bathroom, on the main level
Minnesota Housing may grant waivers to certain elements in limited cases. If you requested a waiver, we will reach out to you regarding next steps. Administrators that have not requested Visitability waivers are expected to incorporate all three Visitability elements in their unit designs.
We are updating the Impact Fund Procedural Manual to reflect this requirement.
Reminder: Tennessen Warnings and Privacy Act Notices
Please ensure that you provide the appropriate Tennessen Warning and Privacy Act Notice prior to collecting private data from individuals.
  • Governmental Entities: Use the form approved by your "Responsible Authority," as defined in the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.
  • Other Administrators: Provide the applicable Tennessen Warning and Privacy Act Notice from the Impact Fund web page under Forms and Income Limits.
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