Impact Fund: 
Technical Assistance Webinar, Incentive Fund Availability and Revised Forms

Technical Assistance Webinar
Organizations that received 2016 Impact Fund awards are invited to a technical assistance Webinar. 
Thursday, February 16
9:30-11:00 a.m.

Register for the Webinar
This training is required for new Impact Fund Administrators and new staff at previously-awarded organizations. However, all Impact Fund Administrators are highly encouraged to attend. The Webinar will be recorded for later viewing on the Impact Fund web page
The Webinar will cover the following topics:
  • 2016 Funding Agreement
  • Procedural Manual
  • Program Requirements
  • Required Forms
  • Monitoring and Audit Processes
Please forward this invitation to anyone in your organization who will be working on projects supported by the Impact Fund
Incentive Funding Available: Applications Due February 13, 2017
Administrators that received one or more 2015 Impact Fund awards and have completed at least 75% of proposed units under those awards are eligible to apply for additional funding under the Impact Fund Incentive Fund.
To ensure eligibility and to apply:
  1. By January 31, submit an annual report for each open Impact Fund award.
  2. By February 13, submit all Household Demographic – Project Information forms not previously submitted to Minnesota Housing.
  3. By February 13, complete and submit an Incentive Fund Application.
Please refer to the Incentive Fund Application for more information.
Annual Reports Due January 31
Please submit an annual report by January 31, 2017 for each open Impact Fund award from 2015 or earlier. (This includes all awards with IDs starting in 10-2015-, 10-2014-, 11-2013-, etc.).
Leighann McKenzie emailed requests for annual reports to administrators early last month, along with instructions on how to complete and submit them. Please contact Leighann with any questions about annual reporting.
Two Updated Forms Effective Immediately 
We revised the Deferred Loan Closing Instructions and Transmittal Form and the Document Submittal Method Guide. Both are effective immediately and are available on the Impact Fund web page. 
The Deferred Loan Closing Instructions and Transmittal Form now more clearly references documents required for mobile home transactions not secured by real estate, including a Note and Mobile Home Security Agreement. Revised versions of the Note and Agreement will be posted to the Impact Fund web page in the near future.
The Document Submittal Method Guide has been revised to reference the new Deferred Loan Closing Instructions and Transmittal Form and to remove reference to any secure email method but the Single Family Secure File Exchange. Please use the Single Family Secure File Exchange for all secure emails sent to the Impact Fund team.
Reminder: Completing Impact Fund Forms
Each time you need an Impact Fund program form, please download it from the Impact Fund web page instead of saving versions to your computer. This will ensure that you're using the latest version of each form.
For example, the current versions of the Impact Fund Mortgage and Mortgage Note are dated June 6, 2016, but they may be revised in the future. Minnesota Housing may refuse to accept your loan or provide an administration fee if you do not use or have not used the correct version of the Impact Fund Mortgage and Impact Fund Mortgage Note.
Please also make sure, as stated in the Impact Fund Procedural Manual, that your use of these documents complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, regulations and orders. 
Secure File Exchange
Our Single Family Secure File Exchange is the only way to submit the Household Demographic/Project Information Form, and the best way to send other private data to the Impact Fund team.
To find the Secure File Exchange, navigate to the Partner Login section of our website or review these instructions.  
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Contact the Impact Fund team:
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