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To my SWEAT peeps... 

Afternoon Family!!  I hope your coffee was strong, your attitudes grateful, and you exercised this morning to start your weekend off in the most incredible way possible.   I'm writing to touch base on a few things happening at SWEAT during one of the months of the year that leads into 8 weeks of what typically results in stress, rushing, over commitment, less you time, kids parties, company parties,  pressure to be the perfect this or that, and.....do I need to go on?  November can start off some hellacious stress or it can be the beginning of some very beautiful moments.  It really all depends what you do with it.  What you allow it to be.   Remember, you are indeed in charge of how each day looks in your life, for the most part.  Yes, there are some things that just cannot be avoided, but overall you are in charge.  So let's catch up on the fabulous events happening in your sweet little home on Smith Street that I know (without a doubt in my mind) will help to keep you sane.  Let's talk.....

JoAnn is jumping on board starting this week.  You'll see her bright and early on Monday mornings at 6:00 am as she will make you SYAO in a bootcamp/HIIT style class to make you strong and lean.  (SPIN60 still going on Mondays at 5:45 - 6:45 am).  The night time crowd will also get to share in JoAnn's ass kicking because she will be taking over Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm.  Be sure to get yourself committed and signed up.  I'm super excited to have her on our team and know you guys will love her!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means lots of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and an extra 4,500 calories possibly consumed.  You will need a little help creating the deficit and working off the excess.  I wanted to share the turkey week class schedule with you so you can get your plan of attack all mapped out...

Monday - Tuesday:
  • Regular schedule
  • 5:45 - 6:45 am SPIN Anything Goes with Ashley
  • 9:00 - 10:00 am SPIN Anything Goes with Ashley
  • Closed for Thanksgiving!  
  • I'm thinking a little parking lot tire flipping and "Turkey Trot" around the 32804 for any of you that are in town.  
  • 9:00 - 10:00 am "Detox Your Destruction" with Dalas
    • “WHAT A WORKOUT” it will be! He’ll be bringing the Friday fun/torture to an all time high.  This class is, as he called it, "hard but weird!  You know, a little like craaaaazy?"  
  • 8:30 - 9:30 am Anything Goes with Dalas
    • Dalas is back again but know this...it will NOT be the same as Friday's!  He assured me you will be getting 2 very different workouts, both confidently being huge calorie burners!!
Our "Hold it for the Holidays" challenge starts next week.  There is a growing list of those that want to commit to themselves to not gain one pound of fat during the Holidays.  You will have a body fat pinch at the start for your initial benchmark and then one final pinch at the end.  Along the way, there will be 3 fun challenges to help keep you on track!   

It's $100 to enter.  If you accomplish the goal at hand, you receive your $100 back!  If you do not, your entry fee goes into a pot that the person with the most fat lost at the end will win.  In addition, the person who loses the most amount of fat will receive a grand prize basket of goodies, which will include Nutrition Dynamics products, $200 SWEAT bucks, massage gift certificate, remaining money in pot and more.  Pinching begins this Thursday, November 15, so you need to text me to get your time scheduled.
The cage is stocked with new Nutri-Dyn products and I hope you take a moment to consider your workout recovery regimen.  Do you help facilitate the repair process with food and supplements?  If you want to see gains, be it muscle mass, reduction in stress from life factors, or just solid health support via a multi vitamin, you need to provide an avenue to make those gains a reality.  Your overall health starts from the inside out and you will be more productive and efficient in your workout regimen when you are heathy, nourished and fueled the proper way.  Once you have a protocol that suits your needs, be sure to keep your products stocked at all times.  The on/off again process of taking supplements here and there will disrupt the effectiveness and absorption.  That's why we set up the ND portal site for easy ordering.  All the supplements that you need are set up in a quick one stop shop.  Just a few clicks of the buttons and you're order will be good to go.  It's that simple.  Keep this link on hand for easy breezy ordering. https://sweat.nutridyn.com

I will be in the gym tomorrow morning doing my cardio thing.  9:15-10:30.  If you ever want to ride along,  you're welcome to.  It's on MB under events.  I hope that you will take 20 min for yourself in the early morning and write in your journal, set your goals for the week and the month, and close it with three things you are so very thankful for.  The most successful people read books and journal.   Amongst other things, obviously, but they all have that in common for sure.  Two books I've read recently that I strongly encourage are The 5 Second Rule and You Are A Badass.  Both books are off the chart awesome.  

Make your day fabulous.  Make this  week the best one so far this month.  Try a class with JoAnn!  Be a rockstar!  Believe in yourself most of all.   

Much love,
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