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Conventional Cash to Close Grants Update
  • With Freddie Mac HFA AdvantageSM: Grants will be available into 2018. No end date for the grants has been determined. 
    • As a reminder, the grant amount must be 200 basis points of the loan amount or 50 basis points of the loan amount (rounding up or down in $100 increments) depending on income. The full amount of the grant must be used; partial grants are not allowed. 
  • With Fannie Mae HFA Preferred™ and HFA Preferred Risk Sharing™: Loans with grants must close by December 31, 2017 and be purchased by February 15, 2018. 
Please see the Conventional Cash to Close Lender Guide for more information. 
January Trainings
If you are new to our program or just need a refresher, please visit our training page and register for January Webinars: 
Additional training opportunities: 
  • Intro to Minnesota Housing: View the instructions to create an eLearning account to access this on-demand training. If you already created an account, click here to view your training record and take the course.
  • Income Training: eLearning module coming soon!
  • Loan Commitment System Training: Recorded Webinar coming soon!
You can reach the Partner Solutions Team at 651.296.8215 or 800.710.8871 between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on business days.
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