Quarterly newsletter - all the latest from Port Hawkesbury Paper!
Quarterly newsletter - all the latest from Port Hawkesbury Paper!
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Graphic paper manufacturers, merchants, printers, and end-users are feeling the effects of multiple, industry-wide challenges. Mill conversions and closures, the pandemic, energy prices, transportation and supply chain issues have all contributed to global paper shortages. However, despite the setbacks, we look to focus on the positive as we move into our 10th year of operation.
  • Safety - Over the past 3 years, we have dedicated additional resources to improving safety. There were no interruptions in production due to COVID-19, and this year (2022) we have had zero lost-time incidents.
  • New Innovation - We continue to attract and hire new, talented employees who bring energy and innovation to the mill. Each person brings skills to help us become more efficient and improve quality.
  • Our Customers - By working with our sales and service team on deliveries and availability, our customers have been instrumental in helping us through challenges and we thank you for your continued support.  

Paper Availability and Grade Adjustments 

It is no surprise to anyone that paper is in short supply. All mills have had to carefully manage allocation with production capabilities. At PHP, we have made some shifts to our product line to be as efficient as possible, which means specific grades and basis weights may not be available. Please contact your sales representative with questions. 

Species at Risk Management Fact Sheets from the Woodlands Unit 
Port Hawkesbury Paper is dedicated to ensuring that the practices performed by the company adhere to the principles of sustainable forest management. This means our goal is to provide long-term sustainability and natural biodiversity for many ecological, social and cultural values while providing a stable and long-term economic viability for Port Hawkesbury Paper, local wood suppliers and sawmills. 
With this in mind, the Woodland's unit has generated a series of fact sheets providing information about the species within the region and the steps being taken to protect their habitat. 
To learn more about these species and other forestry practices, please visit our Forestry Practices Page.

PHP Wind Project Update

The PHP Wind renewable energy project continues forward through a rigorous Environmental Assessment and Approval process and Nova Scotia Power’s transmission system interconnection process. 

When complete, this green energy project will supply up to 30% of the facility’s required electrical power and will further contribute to Port Hawkesbury Paper’s long-term global competitiveness and sustainability. 

By diversifying the facility’s energy mix, we will be operating in a more environmentally conscious manner, clearing the way for a healthy business that can continue to benefit the region’s economy and provide well-paying jobs in rural Nova Scotia. 
Paper Substitutions - How to Help Your Job Run Smoothly on Press 
Recently a catalog company ran a test, sending catalogs printed on both coated #4 and Artisan SCA++ papers. They found no discernable difference in the response based on the type of paper used. 
With the current paper supply shortages, we see many customers upgrading and downgrading based on what paper is available. While many companies want to ensure their printed materials are "on brand," there is a case to be made for testing paper grades for cost and effectiveness. However, there are technical differences between coated vs. uncoated papers, and discussing any changes with your printer is critical. Check our technical tips for more information on what we recommend when running uncoated SC paper vs. coated paper. 

The USPS is Critical to the Paper Industry
According to the AF&PA, "In 2020, USPS delivered approximately 39 percent, or nearly $6.5 billion worth of communications papers produced in the U.S. and delivered 7.3 billion parcels with paper-based packaging materials."
It is clear that catalogs, magazines and direct mail will be impacted by changes in the USPS. Here is a recent Forbes article on the upcoming changes and what they mean to businesses that rely on the postal service.

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