Sponsor Recognition
Sponsor Recognition


Becoming a PPE manufacturer and telehealth equipment distributor overnight was a huge challenge, but one that your staff at King County Medical Society embraced.
We are honored to help you and your patients to stay safe and well. 
This special SPONSOR RECOGNITION MAILER formally recognizes the partnerships that we have created during the pandemic to keep our frontline providers safe.
Through cash and gifts-in-kind we have provided over $400,000 worth of PPE and telehealth equipment throughout the region.
OR Lighthouse Gore Fabrics

It Takes a Team

by Gavin Sullivan, Lighthouse Uniform
One of the inspiring aspects of the King County Medical Society's mobilization of PPE has been the collaborative approach of community and local business leaders to develop from scratch a complex and homegrown manufacturing solution to meet the acute local demand for personal protective equipment.
Spearheaded by Lighthouse Uniform, a Seattle-based family-owned company that started on Pier 36 during World War II to service soldiers and medics, Lighthouse continues outfitting Nautical Armed Forces, Fire Departments, Merchant Marines, and EMTs nationwide. Lighthouse was able to unite with Mukilteo-based Kaas Industries to develop the patterns and material requirements for both the KCMS surgical masks and surgical gowns. Within a week, Lighthouse sourced out U.S. manufactured Level 4 fabric for the gowns, while KCMS requested and received donated single-use surgical wrap from regional hospitals and clinics for the masks. THANK YOU!
With fabric in hand, local outfitter, Outdoor Research provided the vital service of cutting the material on the industrial-scale required to meet the surging need for PPE. Despite having a new supply chain up and running, one critical component remained: Sewing this all together!
The outpouring of support and camaraderie from the local tailoring community has been awe-inspiring. Fortunately through Lighthouse's decades of experience working with a decentralized network of professional and independent tailors around the Puget Sound, and KCMS's commitment to compensate for their tedious labor, the KCMS Tailor Network was born.
To date, this dedicated team comprised of world-class tailors from the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Seattle Opera, to Mom and Pop tailoring and alteration businesses, to aspiring professionals from Seattle Central College's Apparel Design and Development program, and on down to retired hobbyists this group has produced over 100,000 surgical face masks, and 2,000 Level 4 gowns. All this is in just a little over two months! In demonstrating the effectiveness of this solution, the fine folks at GORE (W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.) have stepped up and donated 10,000 yards of their high-quality Gore-Tex fabric to be cut by Outdoor Research, and sewn into 4,500 additional gowns by the KCMS Tailor Network.   

Cash Donation from Expedia Group of $50K

Expedia was our first corporate donor! They provided $50,000 for the creation of masks and gowns at the very beginning of the pandemic. We could not have started this effort without their help. A special shout-out to Katherine Cheng for her pivotal role in helping to get this started. 
Beyond the initial financial investment, Expedia also donated 200 headsets and 20 iPads for telehealth efforts which we distributed throughout the region. Thank you, Expedia Group!

Cash Donation from Microsoft of $50,000

Microsoft donated $50K to our telehealth fundraiser! This money provided us with the opportunity to purchase webcams and cameras for our telehealth efforts. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft is focused on empowering remote work by employees and ensuring mission continuity and delivery. 
Additionally, Microsoft donated webcams and dozens of laptops from their own inventory for us to share with frontline healthcare providers! The telehealth donations have been welcomed with profound gratitude from all recipients.

Regence Insurance Donation of $10,000

"As demand for virtual care increases, we must arm our health care system with reliable technology and secure infrastructure,” said Dr. Oliveira, Senior Executive Medical Director at Regence BlueShield. “Through this investment in King County Medical Society, we are helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ensuring patients have access to a safe and secure solution to connect with providers." Thank you Regence Insurance!

3D Masks Partnership

In collaboration with this grassroots organization, the KCMS Community Foundation has provided thousands of plastic face shields to frontline healthcare providers. The Masks for Docs Foundation is a group of global volunteers that collect PPE from 3D printers and is working locally with KCMS to deliver them for free. 

Just-Evotech Biologics

Just-Evotec Biologics donated to the KCMS Foundation and is working on the rapid evaluation of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody candidates to try to improve the quality and speed of antibody therapeutics.
(Press release HERE). 

Headphones & Wishlist

Amazon has provided 200 headphones to our telehealth effort.
We also have set-up a 'wishlist' for our frontline healthcare workers in NEED of telehealth equipment. Click HERE, or on the logo, to go to the wishlist page.

From Whiskey to Hand Sanitizer

by Westland Distillery
Since the onset of the pandemic, Westland Distillery transitioned from an American Single Malt Whiskey producer, exclusively to the production of hand sanitizer. This has been offered entirely free of charge to health care organizations, first responders, and essential businesses. As Westland prepares to transition back to whiskey production, they are pleased to know that they could support the greater Seattle community in some small way in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

KeyBank's Commitment

by KeyBank
KeyBank’s goal is to support our business clients across all our markets and lines of businesses through these difficult and unprecedented times. We have been able to process all of our nearly 40,000 applications to date for Paycheck Protection Program aid, totaling about $8.5 billion through the SBA. We are proud to support our clients through these unprecedented times and appreciate everyone in the medical profession that is on the front lines during this pandemic.
Trophy Seattle Yacht Club Vinason

Food, Food, and More Food!

Thousands of cupcakes, steaming biscuits, boxed gourmet lunches, full plate lunches, and hundreds of hot pho lunches have been distributed. In collaboration with local restaurants, we have PROVIDED a wide variety of meals for our frontline workers. A special THANK YOU to Trophy cupcakes, Seattle Yacht Club, Vinason Pho, Maximilien Restaurant and Honest Biscuits!
seattle foundation BoA

Philanthropy and Matches

Thank you to the Seattle Foundation who shared our fundraising efforts with their philanthropists and community partners to further ignite our efforts to create PPE, and to the Bank of America for your employee matching the donations!
WAPP iaww Evergreen pediatrics


Evergreen Pediatric, the Washington Association of Pakistani Physicians and India Association of Western WA.

A special thank you to the India Association of Western Washington for donating hundreds of (gorgeous) homemade masks that KCMS has donated to shelters and smaller healthcare facilities in desperate need of PPE,
Thank you Dr. Basma Raees, the Medical Director at Evergreen Pediatrics who spearheaded a very successful fundraising campaign for PPE.  

Thank you all!

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