Important updates and reminders for Spring 2024
Important updates and reminders for Spring 2024
Tufts Campus Life
Spring 2024 Updates & Reminders
January 24, 2024
Hello Student Leaders, 
We are so excited to have you back on campus! As we kick off the semester, we wanted to send some important updates and reminders your way. 
Access to JumboLife and ReserveTufts 
If your organization has had a change in leadership and you need to update who has administrative access to JumboLife and/or ReserveTufts, please follow the instructions below. 
  • If you DON'T have admin access to your organization's JumboLife page, please write to Alexa Erb ( 
  • If you DON'T have admin access to your organization's JumboLife page AND you need to update your ReserveTufts contact and/or grant Jumbolife admin access to new officers, please write to Alexa Erb ( She will update your admin status and put your organization back into transition so that you can update your page. See here for instructions on transitioning your organization
  • If you DO have admin access to your organization's JumboLife page BUT you need to change your ReserveTufts contact or update information on your JumboLife page, follow the instructions below: 
    • Log into JumboLife with your Tufts credentials
    • Using the dropdown menu on the right, navigate to your Admin Dashboard
    • On the left, click on the "Organizations" tab
    • Click the three dots to the right of your organization
    • From the dropdown menu, select "Edit"
    • Update the fields on the form that need updating, including the ReserveTufts contact
Once JumboLife forms have been approved, your ReserveTufts contact will have access to the platform.
Space Reservations & Event Registration
  • Both the "Student Organization Meeting/Function Spaces" and "Medford Campus Academic Space Request (Spring)" templates on ReserveTufts are now open.
    • Reservations During the First Two Weeks of Class: Any Monday-Friday requests for academic spaces will be put into Pending status and approved the business prior. 
    • Please keep in mind that classes take priority! If a class needs to be moved to a new space, your reservation may be moved. 
    • We know that securing space can be challenging. As you're making reservations, please be mindful of other organizations and only reserve space for the time that you need it. Please avoid holding multiple spaces for a single-space event or holding the space for more time than you need for setup/teardown.
    All student organization events should be registered on JumboLife two weeks prior to the event. Your space reservation is not confirmed until you have submitted your JumboLife form. Events that are not submitted on time are not guaranteed Facilities or AV Services.
2024 Student Organization Awards
Let's celebrate your organization's accomplishments! The Tufts Community Union Judiciary Board is now accepting nominations for the Student Organization Awards! The annual Student Organization Award Ceremony will take place on April 24th in Alumnae Lounge. Check out award information and updates here
Submit a Nomination
Global Tufts Month: Apply for a Mini-Grant!
The Office of the Provost invites the Tufts community to host and attend events related to this year’s Global Tufts Month theme: Humanitarian Aid: Working Together in Times of Conflict. These events aim to foster cross-boundary dialogue and learning, transcending national and cultural barriers, and can range from lectures, film showings, cultural events, social programs, and more. Mini-grants up to $500 are available for event funding - submit by February 4!

For more information and to apply for funding, please visit

Contact Christine Hollenhorst with any questions.
2024 Re-Recognition
Student organizations that are TCUJ recognized will be evaluated for their annual TCUJ re-recognization using their current JumboLife organization profiles. In order to ensure the TCUJ is able to re-recognzie your organization, please be sure that your full roster is updated, your most recent constitution has been added, and all events* have been registered by February 15th. Follow these directions to manage your organization's JumboLife profile. 
*If your organization held an event that was not submitted in JumboLife, please follow these instructions for back-dating:
  • Submit the Event Registration and select a date in the future
  • In the "Additional Details" section at the end of the form, make a note that this event needs to be back-dated and include the date and time of the actual event 
Club sports, fraternities and sororities, SMFA SGA sub-groups, LCS sub groups, as well as non-TCU recognized department sponsored organizations do not need to complete the annual TCUJ re-recognition process. 
OCL Resources
For more information on the resources OCL offers or for guides on student organization policies and procedures, please check out the OCL website
As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! 

Alexa Erb
Associate Director, Student Engagment

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