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AUGUST 31, 2018
Dear Jumbos, 
Greetings and welcome to the new academic year! We are thrilled to be spending time with the newest Tufts students this week and connecting with returning students again next week.
We are writing today to let you know that several important policies regarding student behavior have been revised and updated. Highlights of the updates are below, and the complete Student Code of Conduct is available online.
The Dean of Student Affairs Office approached the Committee on Student Life (CSL) in February 2018 to review and revise the Code of Conduct. The faculty and student members of the CSL accepted the charge and worked collaboratively with Student Affairs Staff for seven months to review and update a number of these key policies to ensure they reflect the University's mission and values, provide students with clear guidance, and align with relevant laws. This review was extensive and we sincerely thank the members of the CSL for their efforts.
The revised Code of Conduct describes the standards of behavior that support our educational mission and the process for holding each other accountable to these standards. Our expectations are rigorous because our shared purpose compels us to act with integrity, self-discipline, and respect for ourselves and others.
Each student is responsible for reading and understanding the University's expectations which are documented in the Code of Conduct and other University policies.

Updated Policies

The revised Student Code of Conduct, which includes important updates to the policies regarding student behavior and the student conduct resolution process, takes effect today. Please take a few moments to review these updated policies carefully. 
In particular, we encourage you to review the following:

Other Important Policies to Review 

There are a number of other policies you'll want to review at the beginning of the academic year. These policies haven't been updated, but they outline important academic and behavioral expectations and describe your rights and responsibilities as a student.

Relevant Laws and Ordinances

Thank you for your attention to all of the items above. Please reach out to the Dean of Student Affairs Office at any time if we can be helpful or answer questions.

Feedback Welcome

Prior to making these changes, CSL and DOSA sought broad input from the community about our previous policies and possible revisions. In that spirit, we invite your comments on the revised Student Code of Conduct. All students are invited to send their feedback to studentlife@tufts.edu. The Dean of Student Affairs Office and the Office of Residential Life and Learning are also hosting a feedback session on Monday, September 17 from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room. We invite all students to attend and are looking forward to the conversation.
Thank you for your attention to all of the items above. Please reach out to the Dean of Student Affairs Office at any time if we can be helpful or answer questions. 
Have a great year,

Mary Pat McMahon
Dean of Student Affairs

Kevin Kraft
Director of Community Standards

Andrew Ramsburg
Faculty Co-Chair, Committee on Student Life

Jamie Kirsch
Faculty Co-Chair, Committee on Student Life

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