Important info from the Literacy Council
Important info from the Literacy Council
Readers Are Leaders

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The Literacy Council's

Plan to Move Forward

As this pandemic has given us all a difficult path to predict and navigate, all orientations, tours, and tutor trainings continue to be on hold until we can ensure, to the best of our ability, the safety of everyone we serve.
We will continue to monitor Buncombe County's progress and outcomes regarding reopening and update our reopening plan based on those outcomes. Our first priority will always be the safety of our students, volunteers, and staff. 
Many of our tutors and students have continued their regular classes digitally with great success. Our program directors are also working to revise tutor training courses in order to transition as many components as possible to an online platform. 
We will continue to keep you updated regarding reopening and what that looks like. Please reach out to us anytime with questions or concerns by calling our office at 828-254-3442 or by emailing us at

Inspiring words from a student

and his tutor

A long-time student of the Literacy Council's Adult Literacy program began his journey with us unable to read and write. After nearly 13 years of dedication to his goal, here's what he wrote about his experience (unedited):
"The Literacy Council and [my tutor] have really changed my life to the good- teaching me to read, has made such an impact on my life, I can now enjoy a book or the newspaper. Thank all of you so much for all you have done and continue to do. Know that your work does matter and it does change lifes."
When a student comes to the Adult Literacy program unable to read and write, devotes himself to the task for over a decade, and achieves this level of literacy, it is a rare and amazing accomplishment.
Of course none of our students' success with us is possible without the dedication and compassion of our tutors. Here's what the above student's tutor said about his time tutoring:
"I taught for 36 years. When I retired I taught a few classes at AB Tech. I am an avid reader and believe everyone would be happier if they could read well. I met [my student] through the Literacy Council in 2007. At that time he had tried three other teachers, but he was not comfortable. He was comfortable with me! He initially wanted to read to his granddaughter. He did indeed get the joy of reading to her. He was a solid student who rarely missed our meetings.  Now he reads with understanding, retention, and strong word attack skills. He reads daily. Sometimes it is only the newspaper, but he always has a book he is reading. He enjoys fictional history a great deal. My children say [my student] and I will be together until one of us is no longer on earth! I think they may be correct."
Thank you so much to all our volunteers. We simply could not do what we do without you. 

Bedtime Stories with Dolly Parton!

Dolly Parton is reading an Imagination Library book each week for 10 weeks as part of an effort to support families, especially in this time of need. Though there are only two weeks left, all episodes can be viewed here.

Racial Equity Workshops at the Literacy Council

Racial Equity workshops previously scheduled for March and April have not been totally canceled and we plan to reschedule them as soon as possible. We will keep you updated as we know more.

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