Happy Cinco de Mayo - 2020

Our office is CLOSED until further notice, tentatively June 1st.

New Music Video - please share, and share some more

"50 Ways To Get Your Wine Now"

This is the link to the music video
Video can link to our Curb Side Wine Shop page, listing wineries offering curbside pick-up. Help spread the news.  https://www.wineroad.com/sipsonoma/

Please complete this survey - takes 2 minutes.

In talking with Public Health and Board of Sups,d it will be helpful if I can share if and when wineries feel they will be prepared to re-open and what steps you are, or will be putting into place. These are broad brush questions, your individual winery responses will NOT be shared. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/readytoopen

Car Hop Wine Shop - the page is live HERE

For the month of May we will be promoting the wineries that are offeing curbside pick-up or FREE (or almost free) local delivery
We will be promting this via local radio advertising & digital advertising along with social media and the new video. 


So many of you are adding posts to our website. 
It's great!
- Virtual Tasting
- Wine Specials
- Shipping Offers
- Something Different!   ← this is new
KEEP IT UP - continue to add new tastings and experiences.

Another reason to post your events - our consumer newsletter goes out Thursday. 60,000 subscribers. 

#SipSonoma $5 Shipping

We continue to encourage folks to order wine. We're promoting a $5 shipping offer, using the promo code SipSonoma, through May 31 for the wineries that wangted to continue the offer. It's online on the page with the Car Hop information.

Wine Industry Network

Save The Dates...
Wine & Weed - Aug. 6th
3-Tier Symposium - new date Sept. 3rd
Details in the links, questions contact: Jackie Winquist
We are continuing to support these partners via our social media posts...visitors will be back and when they do come back, we hope they connect with our partners.
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