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This is the link to the content you could share in March. 

We have sold 5300 tickets.  

This is incredibly disappointing. After last year's flood prior to Barrel Tasting, we were hoping for a great rebound. But then we had fires in October that are still fresh in consumer minds and NOW...a brand new problem, coronavirus. Didn't see that coming, I had been watching for swarms of locust.
So, onward and upward. We need to be grateful for the people who have bought tickets or will buy them at the door. This is just another test of our resilience. For everyone who complains about the crowds at Barrel Tasting, this is their year - there will be no crowds. 
I hope you have the time to really connect with every guest, and sell the hell out of your wine! Let's show em' what we're made of and make this the best Barrel Tasting ever.  #BT2020  #tastethefuture  #buywine  #sipsonoma  (#giveusabreak)
Let your friends and supporters know tickets will be available at the door Barrel Tasting 2020. It would be great to see us sell another 1000 at the door.
Advance sales ended last night. Tomorrow - SUPPLY PICK-UP, 1441 Grove Street 9:00-3:00
Tickets At The Door - $75 Weekend, $60 Sunday Only, $10 Drivers (prices include tax).
Advertising will continue to run through March 14th along with continued organic and paid social media posts, local and regional radio and a few more print ads.
Advance Sales     2019               2020                     
Flood          Coronavirus        
1st weekend          4042                3400
2nd weekend         2437                1900
2020 1st weekend:  Weekend Tickets  2896,  Sunday Only 312,  Drivers 192
2020 2nd weekend: Weekend Tickets 1624,   Sunday Only 166,  Drivers 110
Remember to check all ID's, even Drivers must be 21 or older...too many problems in the past with underage drivers drinking with their friends. This is clearly stated on the website, on the ticket page, etc and we've answered about 1000 emails & phone calls about it.
As for concerns about the coronavirus, we are in contact with the Health Dept and they are giving us the best messaging.  Similar to flu season, if you're sick, stay home, other than that, common sense - hand washing, covering sneezes etc. We will be addressing this in our voice mail and on our event page. 

Two More Seminars with Sandra Hess

A proven thought leader in the wine industry, Sandra Hess will be presenting two more seminars for Wine Road members. Register via Eventbrite at Sandra Hess 2020  password wineroad.   $25 per seminar for Wine Road members, $100 for non-members.
1. April 9, 8:30-10:30  Storytelling, how to Develop Meaningful Wine Consumer Connections
2. June 11, 8:30-10:30  top 5 Wine Consumer Engagement Strategies

Register for Symposium

 Event Details are HERE 
Thanks to all of the wineries that offered to donate for the wine reception, to wrap up the symposium. If you have questions about the event, please contact 
Thank you to our Key Partners. We encourage you to connect with these businesses and share their contact information with your customers. 
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