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MUDEC Méinden Summer 2020 #2
MUDEC Méinden Summer 2020 #2
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Summer 2020 #2- Pentecost Edition

 June 1, 2020

Pentecost-Echternach Hopping Procession

Echternach Procession 2019
MUDEC Summer students attended the Echternach hopping procession last year
Anyone that has had the good fortune to stay/be in Luxembourg until the end of June has enjoyed the seeming steady stream of days off due to holidays. Today is no different as it is Pentecost Monday. One of the key long weekends of the year, this was one of the main reasons for the re-opening of restaurants and bars in Luxembourg at the end of last week.
Pentecost is also the time of year for the Echternach Hopping Procession, recognized as Intangible Heritage by UNESCO. This usually takes place on the Tuesday after Pentecost, but has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19. You can, however, check out a fantastic Echternach Hopping Procession Video to see what it's like.
  • MGT291 VideoCast-A Semester Like No Other
    • MUDEC-Cornell Connection-End of World War II in Luxembourg
    • Summery Pics from Luxembourg

    MGT291-A Semester Like No Other

    Screenshot of the 4 participants in the VideoCast

    MGT 291 Professors Anthony Smith-Meyer and Michael Schweiger ended their Pod/Video cast series for the semester by inviting special guests Ali vonErden and Emily Stegmeyer from their spring semester class. Watch and listen to get a real feel for the on the ground transition from education abroad semester to confined at home remote learning semester. MUDEC resiliency at its finest.

    MUDEC-Cornell Connection-End of WWII in Luxembourg

    People walking at Liberation day in Petange Septmber 2019
    Liberation Ceremony in Petange-September 2019
    People walking at Liberation day in Petange Septmber 2019
    Liberation Ceremony in Petange-September 2019
    I confess that I have never read Ambassador John Dolibois' Patterns of Circles, however over the years I attended as many of the presentations he made on campus as I could, and have come to believe that another way of describing the underlying point of the title is that there are unexpected coincidences that connect apparently disparate events. This happened to me with this past week's MUDEC Méinden. 

    The lead story was about the previous weekend's Memorial Day commemoration, and its link to all the significant milestones that we who fortuitously found ourselves at the MUDEC this past academic year were to witness, beginning with the September 9th commemoration in Pétange of the 75th anniversary of the first US troops entering the Grand Duchy, the celebration / recreation of the November 1944 Thanksgiving outside of Clervaux, the Battle of the Bulge, and ending (online) with the Memorial Day commemoration at the Luxembourg American Cemetery in Hamm. The short piece by Andy Adams gave credit to Fall 2019 MUDEC student and intern at the US Embassy, Alec Hoelker, who provided a link to a story about the first US soldier to die in Luxembourg's liberation, 2nd Lt. Hyman Josefson. A number of us from the MUDEC attended the commemoration in Pétange that day, one attended by the Grand Duke Henri as well as US Ambassador J. Randolph Evans. What I did not know, what had not been mentioned in the speeches, was that Josefson was a Cornell Alumnus, and that was where the link lead, to the Cornell Chronicle's story by his great-nice, Dr. Deborah Josefson, also a Cornell Alumna.

    As a Cornell alumnus myself (M. Arch., 1974), it gave me great pride to find that connection, that coincidence that made me feel closer to Luxembourg. I immediately sent an email to the contact person at Cornell ("Dear Ms Valli, I am writing to provide you with some information on the commemoration that took place last 9 September, having read his great-niece Dr. Deborah Josefson’s description just posted by the Cornell Chronicle.  While I know the story, I did not know the Cornell connection, so now this is even more meaningful to me. I happen to attend as I taught this past academic year at my university’s European Center, located in Differdange [just southeast of Pétange]. I am attaching some images from that event. Please pass them if you may to Dr. Josefson. I have some short videos but they are too large to send by email."). I did not expect more than a courtesy response.

    Not only did Ms Valli respond, but my email and attachments were sent on to Dr. Josefson. She immediately wrote to me: "The staff at the Cornell Chronicle forwarded me your email regarding the Luxembourg liberation ceremonies. Thank you for sending your memories and photos along. Had I known you were there, we could have met" and "I am glad that this ceremony has remained meaningful to the people of Luxembourg and that my Great Uncle, though he lost his life, can continue to represent the sacrifice of the many who've died anonymously and have no memorial to them."

    So, there you have it, what John Dolibois called "Patterns of Circles" and what I see as unexpected coincidences of apparently disparate events. I am glad that Alec sent Andy the information, that Andy included it in last week's MUDEC Méinden, and that I reacted to the story and the links as I did. We never know how these may be somehow significant, even in a small way, in how we view our lives and our world. This connection will forever be significant to me.

    Gerardo Brown-Manrique
    Professor of Architecture
    Travel Section Banner

    Summer Weather in Luxembourg

    No summer program means no travel pictures, but through the MUDEC Méinden, you can travel back to Luxembourg with the following pictures taken in Differdange and Luxembourg City this past weekend.
    Courtyard of the Château
    Courtyard of the Château
    Side of the Château from the garden
    Side of the Château from the garden
    Back patio of the Château
    Back patio of the Château
    City garden and Abbaye Neumunster
    City garden and Abbaye Neumunster
    View of the Casemates from along the Alzette
    View of the Casemates from along the Alzette
    City view from the bridge in the Grund
    BCity view from the bridge in the Grund
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