Dear Friends,
Well, the good news is, it's summer. I hope you have some summer adventure on the horizon. I heard that half the enjoyment of a trip is the anticipation leading up to it.
I’m excited to share that we're making a new film about the past, present, and future of women and power. It’s part of Refinery29’s women director’s series called Shatterbox. The 10 minute film will be released in the fall and we are also working on a larger series on the topic. Last week, I was honored to attend the extremely inspiring gathering at The White House’s United State of Women Summit. It was such an invigorating place to feel where we are and where we need to go. Highlights below.
We're also gearing up for Character Day on September 22. So far over 13,000 events in over 40 countries have signed up! (There’s so much news in regards to Character Day that we will send a separate email.) Focusing on scientific research about character development is especially important today, individually and for society. Krista Tippet and I discuss it on her podcast On Being here.
This newsletter has a new format for a new crop of art shows, films, books and things to explore for summer.
To long summer afternoons...

TABLE OF CONTENTS (All Details Below)
SFMOMA Reopens
The Floating Piers - Italy 
Richelle Gribble “Web of Life” 
Stanley Kubrick at the CJM SF 
Renwick Gallery Wonder Show DC 
SF Jewish Film Festival
Special BAMPFA Screening 
IDA Conference Getting Real
Let There Be Laughter by Michael Krasny
Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus by Douglas Rushkoff
Grit by Angela Duckworth 
Why be Jewish by Edgar M. Bronfman
The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly
Magic and Loss by Virginia Heffernan
Epic Sky
Family Awareness Project
Global Fund for Women 
The 7-Minute Workout 

The White House United State of Women Summit
On Being with Krista Tippett
Strong Opinions Loosely Held with Elisa Kreisinger 
New Beck Album
Very Semi Serious Documentary Directed by Leah Wolchok
Modern Cat Scratcher
Plyos Bench
The Forest Feast Cookbook 
Hello Mazel: A Jewish Subscription Box
The Web’s Creator
Looks to Reinvent It
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More art in my hometown. YES.
Italy | Opening in June
I am so happy a project like this can come into existence in the world.
New York | June 10-July 7
Each swing represents one of four instruments—piano, harp, guitar, vibraphone—and triggers sound when participants swing back and forth. A perfect thing to do on a summer afternoon.
New Orleans | June 1-July 30
I have enjoyed watching Richelle’s work about how we are connected, evolve.
Contemporary Jewish Museum SF | June 30-Oct 30
Love Kubrick's work.
DC | On View Through July 10
This show is mind blowing. Great to see my friends Leo Villareal and Janet Echlemans' pieces in this exhibit.
SF | July 21-Aug. 7
Can't wait to see the doc on Spock, Screenagers, and Wrestling with Jersusalem.
Berkeley | August 11
BAMPFA asked me to select a film to screen in their new theater. This film by Agnes Varda played a pivotal role when I was making my feature documentary Connected. Excited to show it. Join us. Ticket info at link above.
LA | September 27-29
IDA is such a great organization supporting documentary filmmaking.
by Michael Krasny
Can’t wait to see what Michael has collected here. The book is on pre-order.
by Douglas Rushkoff
Always interested in what Doug is thinking about.
by Angela Duckworth 
Angela's work is a big inspiration for Character Day.
by Edgar M. Bronfman
As an agnostic jew, this book speaks to me deeply.
by Kevin Kelly
Kevin is a mental radar for what we should think about next.
by Virginia Heffernan
Virginia proposes the internet as one big collaborative art project. I like that.
This is fantastic new site for tweens that my dear friend Kelly Sparks is designing clothes for. They also have tween designers and great content.
Aaron Schiller has created a wonderful space and program to build community and support families.
I’ve always loved the work they do. It’s the kind of work that will propel us to the next level with rights for women everywhere.
Ken and I try to do this every morning. Because, as I say to myself, I have 7 minutes.
There are so many amazing speeches from this day you can watch online. I have my highlights from the day here .I also recommend checking out the Global Fund for Women’s Highlights here.
Very Semi-Serious Documentary
Directed by Leah Wolchok
As a long time New Yorker subscriber, this documentary about the art & genius cartoons is so very good.
I love this new podcast and I am a big fan of Elisa.
This Conversation with Krista Tippet for her podcast was an amazing experience.
Loving this new Beck album, which is perfect for summer. Especially the song Wow.
It took me a long time to find a nice looking cat scratcher for our cat, and look what I finally found.
My friends Miranda and Aaron Jones designed this ingenious and sumputuous heated couch.
 by Erin Gleeson 
This sumptuous cookbook is perfect for a summer feast.
Hello Mazel is a quarterly box of Jewish stuff. I received the first Passover box, and loved it. Can’t wait to see what’s in the next box.
by Quentin Hardy for the NY Times  
I recently attended a thought-provocating gathering at The Internet Archive with key founders of the internet and web. They are planning to update the web with more privacy and less government contract, making it truly decentralized. This is a great article in the NYtimes that outlines their thoughts and plans.
“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”
                                                                                -Charles Bowden                                                                                                 
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