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June 2017
Forget Retirement, Today’s Savers Want Financial Freedom Now
For generations, the rules of personal finance remained largely the same. Our parents and grandparents learned to set aside money during their working years to enjoy a comfortable retirement, while saving a little extra for the inevitable emergency expenses along the way. 
But times are changing.
Sixty-three percent of Millennials say that financial freedom is their number one savings goal, according to a new study from Bank of America and Merrill Edge. This is in stark contrast to Gen X and the Baby Boomers, who, like prior generations, have focused on retirement as their top savings priority.
“Millennials are known for having unrelenting belief in their own abilities,” says Ted Beck, president and CEO of the National Endowment for Financial Education, which has published a study on the gap between financial confidence and knowledge among Millennials. “However, their overconfidence puts them in an extremely fragile financial position, and sadly, they don’t realize it. What young adults don’t know about money can hurt them.”
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LifeValues Quiz Expanded, Improved
SAM’s popular LifeValues Quiz, which helps readers better understand their spending decisions, has been expanded for 2017. Now the quiz is part of an in-depth, free mini course designed to help users analyze personal values and make choices more aligned with their goals.
The decisions we all make every day are only partially based on facts and logic. The other part of our decision making is influenced by inner drivers that we likely are not even aware of. When we are unaware of our values, we randomly feel our way through life without consciously thinking about them. But, when we understand our hidden inner drivers, we can ask ourselves which option fits best with our values. 
SAM’s LifeValues program is designed to help uncover the needs, wants and “shoulds” we all develop early in our lives that shape our decision making as adults.
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