It is more frightening than Halloween that we are already in the middle of November, with Bonfire night and Parents Evening behind us. There is so much going on at the Academy with another assessment week just around the corner. It is a pleasure going into the lessons every day and seeing how much progress the pupils are making. We regularly look for this progress in the children’s books, and are monitoring to ensure that we provide the best possible education for them. The engagement and excitement for learning is tangible, and I am so proud not only of the pupils’ efforts, but also of the work that our staff are doing to ensure that each child achieves their potential. This has also been evident in the amazing class assemblies that I attend every week. Thank you for continuing to support your children!

We are constantly looking to improve our practice, and to share tips and techniques with parents to consolidate the learning. Please look out for emails about our Parent Workshops that are coming up. We have had some excellent sessions including: How to improve your child’s Reading, What to expect in the Year 2 SATS, Phonics in the Early Years, Year 4 Curriculum update (With a focus on timestables) and how to use the Pupil Planner effectively. These workshops enable you to support your children more effectively. Please try to attend of you can.

Our Performance and productions have changed slightly this year: Nursery and Reception will perform a Christmas production, as will the Key Stage 1 team – Year 1 and year 2. The Year 3 production will be at the end of the first half of Spring – February with Year 4 performing their production at the end of the Spring Term- near Easter. Year 5 will have an opportunity to perform a production at the end of the first half of summer in May, with the Year 6s wrapping up the Year with their end of Year performance near July.  The reason for the change is to ease the pressure on pupils and staff at the end of a very busy term, but also to give more time for pupils to be able to put together more of a production, and therefore showcase our pupils’ skills and abilities more effectively.

As always thanks for your support. 

All Year groups are working really hard in order to get all our attendance percentage above the 96% mark. We are currently sitting at 95.7% for the year. Please bring your child to school every day that you possibly can!

Bonfire Disco
What great dancing skills our children have! We had over 300 pupils attending the two phase Discos on Tuesday night, and a great time was had by all! A huge thank you to the PSA, not only for arranging and organising this event, but for also being there and working on the evening, making sure that the pupils had a great time. Another big thank you must go to our tireless staff members who also volunteered to support at the event.

Anti-Bullying Week
Thank you for sending your pupils into school with odd socks on Tuesday. It was a great way to open conversations about celebrating each other’s differences.  
Parents Evening
Thanks you for your attendance at your child’s parents evening last week. It is so important that we are able to work together to best support your child in their learning. If your child has been given specific targets and things to work on, please try do these as regularly as possible, as it really does help to consolidate pupils’ learning.
In order to prepare the Year 4 pupils for their Statutory Timestables test to be taken in the Summer, I have been randomly challenging pupils to speed tests against me using the website:

This is an excellent resource that all our pupils – not only Year 4 children - should be using to improve their skills in maths. If your child isn’t practising using this website, please get them to do so as soon as possible.

Parents Questionnaire:
Thank you to the 250 parents who filled in a questionnaire at parents evening last week. Having such a large sample means that we can really trust the information that you’re telling us, and on the whole, it was extremely positive.  The main areas we will be focussing on, is ensuring that your child has age appropriate homework, and that we continue to review how we get information out to you about your child’s learning.

It is wonderful to hear that you all feel welcome at the Academy – it is something that we work hard to get right!

Please find pie charts of a few of the results below:
To view the rest please click here
Issue 78
Friday 15th November 2019
Primary Phase Key Dates
18th Nov:
Phase 1 Assembly, 10am
Phase 2 Assembly, 10.25am
22nd Nov:
Turtle Class Assembly, 10am
Phase 2 Assembly, 10.30am
25th Nov
Phase 1 Assembly, 10am

Phase 2 Assembly, 10.25am
29th Nov
Phase 1 Assembly, 10am

Phase 2 Assembly, 10.30am
2nd Dec
Phase 1 Assembly, 10.20am
Phase 2 Assembly, 10.25am
6th Dec
Phase 1 Assembly, 10am 
Phase 2 Assembly, 10.30am
9th -13th Dec
Yr 6 Assesment Week
9th Dec
Phase 1 Assembly, 10.20am

Phase 2 Assembly, 10.25am

10th Dec
Yr 1 Christmas Show, 9.30-10.30am
Yr 2 Christmas Show, 2-3pm
13th Dec
Nursery Christmas Show, 9.30-10.30am
Reception Christmas Show, 2-3pm
20th Dec 
Last day of term

Overall Attendance for the week commencing 4th Nov was 96.9%
Lynx  100%

Owl  98.3%
Turtle  89.2%
Starfish  94.2%
Giraffe  99%
Albatross  96.1%
Panda  99.2%
Koala  98.7%
Eagle  96.6%
Octopus  97%
Elephant  99.3%
Lobster  96%
Squirrel  98.8%
Kestrel  98.7%
Coral  95.3
Dormouse  97.1%
Dove  98.9%
Kingfisher  93.4
Peacock 93.3%

Parent View
Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us and we are always keen to hear your thoughts. You can leave your feedback on Ofsted's Parent View website.
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