Member Memo - April 14, 2020

Our office is CLOSED until further notice.

Virtual Tastings and Wine Specials...

UPDATE: We are working to update the form you fill out online to post your "event".
There will be a check off box for;
- Virtual Tasting
- Wine Specials
- Shipping Offers
When customers go to the link they will soon be able to seach by those categories. 
In the meantime, please continue to add your special offers to our Event Calendar at We are sharing that link with Sonoma County Tourism, Vintners and on social.
We have created a digital campaign to promote those offers. We have budgeted $1500 toward this for 150,000 impressions. We will also begin a local radio campaign to promote this link and all of your specials. This will launch Friday and run for 3 weeks.
Make sure YOUR "event" is listed.

#SipSonoma $5 Shipping

We continue to encourage folks to order wine. We're promoting a $5 shipping offer, using the promo code SipSonoma, through April 30.
We are also asking folks to share photos of their Sonoma County wines, while they're at home..sipping Sonoma.  This offer was just promoted to 25,000 SF Gate subscribers and it was included in our newsletter last week.  You can share the link to the webpage AND the video

Wine Industry Network

Two dates to keep in mind:
Wine & Weed - Aug. 6th
3-Tier Symposium - new date Sept. 3rd
Details in the links, questions contact: Jackie Winquist

Social Media Toolkit for April

We have again created a few Tweets, Facebook and Instagram ideas and links to our blogs for you to share, along with some great photos you can use. Times are crazy, but you want to stay connected to the folks that follow you. Download the toolkit here;  APRIL 2020
We are continuing to support these partners via our social media posts...visitors will be back and when they do come back, we hope they connect with our partners.
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