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MUDEC Méinden Spring 2020 #2
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2020 #2
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MUDEC Méinden-Weekly news from the MUDEC community for the MUDEC community-#lifelongMUDEC

Spring 2020 #2

 February 3, 2020

One Week

Yes, the name of the most famous song by the Barenaked Ladies, but also exactly the amount of time that MUDEC Spring 2020 students have been in Luxembourg. A whirlwind week for sure as the students start to get settled in to their new surroundings, in their host families, at the Château, and in Luxembourg. Read more about it below.
  • Meet the Student Faculty Council

  • Integration Activities at MUDEC

    Meet Erin Kearns, MUDEC Alum-From 'Bama to the 'Bourg

  • Integration trip in Luxembourg
  • Epic Travel Misadventures-Fall 2019 Student Julia Arwine
  • Trier Discovery Tour Preview

Student Faculty Council Spring 2020

Following a retreat during Integration weekend, the roles on the Student Faculty Council have now been established. Meet each of the members below and you will be hearing more from each of them individually in the coming weeks, as they have more to tell about their specific roles.
Jeannie Ducher

Jeannie Ducher

Faculty Co-chair

Hello, I’m Jeannie Ducher and I will be the faculty advisor this semester for the Faculty-Student Council. I am very excited to be serving you in this role, the Council is planning a bunch of fantastic activities for all of us!

Michael Barr

Michael Barr

Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, I have spent the past 4 years becoming involved in the US political system and understanding in a broader context the legal system of America. I have become fascinated in politics because I believe that there is something to be done on a larger scale to address smaller-scale issues. I have also been involved in various speaking events such as mock trial and model united nations. Over the years I’ve become involved and moved from one of the arts to others. From year to year I’ve been involved in painting, acting, music, and comedy. Currently, I’ve been involved in WMSR and Not Very Funny. I’ve also become increasingly involved in the Miami climbing community. Even here, in Luxembourg, I’ve already become a member at a local climbing gym. I’m a thoughtful and outgoing person who, at times, can have a bit of an edge but who is ultimately open to just about everyone.

Kayla Jones

Kayla Jones

Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Moien y'all! My name is Kayla Jones and I will be serving on the Spring 2020 Student Faculty Council (SFC.) I am beyond thrilled that I have the opportunity to be this semester's Diversity and Inclusion Chair! In this position, I help guide our SFC to always intentionally and actively think and find ways to create a diverse and inclusive environment where every student and faculty member feels represented, welcomed and included. Not only do we do this for you, but we want to do this with you, so don't hesitate to come up to me (or any SFC member) to say 'Moien' or even to share ideas that you may have about how we can have more inclusion and diversity in our activities and events as well as here at MUDEC. Have a Schengen-tastic week and I'll see you around! Äddi!

Laura Kelly

Laura Kelly

Legacy Communications Chair
Hi everyone! My name is Laura Kelly and I will be your Student Legacy Communications Chair this semester! A little bit about me: I am currently a junior studying Non-Profit and Community Studies, and plan to pick up both a marketing minor and a women and gender studies minor. Back in Oxford, I ride on the western team as a part of the Miami University Equestrian Team, and have spent the past semester volunteering at a Hamilton city food pantry as a 'Resource Officer’. I look forward to getting to know you all and traveling while here in Luxembourg! I also look forward to helping plan a bunch of fun activities for you all, so keep an eye out for those dates in the emails and the posters I’ll be creating for each event!  
Connor Manley

Connor Manley

Ombudsman and Envrionments Chair
Hello MUDEC Community! My name is Connor Manley and I am beyond excited to serve as this semester's Environment Chair and Ombudsman on the SFC. I am a sophomore Business Economics major, a Business Analytics minor, and am part of the University Honors Program. Originally from Rochester, NY, I pushed my boundaries by coming to Oxford; and now, in the heart of Western Europe at MUDEC, I cannot wait to see how my worldview, and life, are changed by this experience!

Santiago Puente

Santiago Puente

Student Co-chair
My name is Santiago, I’m from Mexico City but I went to high school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I’m really looking forward to a semester full of learning, traveling, and discovering the community in Differdange!

Alex Wieland-Ducher

Alex Wieland-Ducher

Service Chair
Hello, my name is Alex Wieland-Ducher. I'm a freshman here at Miami and I'm your SFC Service Chair. I'm a dual citizen of both France and the United States. I'm originally from Florida but I've lived in Oxford, Ohio since I was 9. I really like history, and if you have any questions about it, I can help you out, or if you just want to talk about history for a while. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you this semester and hope you have a great time at MUDEC.

Integration Activities at MUDEC

From Study, Engage, Travel (SET) human sculptures, to Kahoot quizzes, to Find Someone Who, to Discover Differdange, Spring 2020 students got to know their classmates and their new surroundings in a series of Integration activities last week.
SET sculpture behind a screen
SET sculpture behind a screen
SET sculpture in the Cave
SET sculpture in the Cave
MUDEC students discovering Differdange
MUDEC students discovering Differdange
Students looking to Find Someone Who in the Grand Hall
Chaos in the Grand Hall as students try to Find Someone Who

From 'Bama to the 'Bourg

Meet Erin Kearns, MUDEC Alum and Visiting Researcher

Sixteen years ago, Erin Kearns had just arrived at MUDEC for her Study, Engage, Travel adventure as part of the Spring 2004 class. Today, she is back in Luxembourg, using it as a base for doing research while on sabbatical from the University of Alabama. Don't call it a comeback? Back in the saddle again? From 'Bama to the 'Bourg, meet Erin Kearns.
Erin Kearns and friends on Study Tour in 2004
Erin Kearns and friends on a MUDEC Study Tour in 2004

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you decide to go to Miami and what did you study? When did you attend MUDEC and how did you decide to go to Lux?
    I am born and raised in the Dayton area and still have a lot of family there. While I’d originally wanted to go far away for college, my parents convinced me to look at Miami even though I thought it was “too close.” I still remember pulling into campus from 73 in the summer of 1999. I fell in love with the school immediately. I already knew that I wanted to study abroad so the MUDEC program was an added bonus. I applied early decision to Miami and knew from my senior year of high school that I would apply for MUDEC my junior year of college.

  2. After graduating from Miami, how has your career path developed and what took you to the University of Alabama?
    Great question. I am a criminologist focusing on terrorism and counterterrorism. Logically, one could assume I came to study this since 9/11 was my Freshman year and I was a political science and psychology major. In reality, though, my career came about through a series of happy accidents. I lived in Chicago and worked in legal consulting for about 5 years after college. I went back for my Masters in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College in NYC and for my PhD in Criminology and Public Policy at American University. It was only the last decade that I realized I wanted to study terrorism and counterterrorism and be a college professor – and I absolutely love what I do.

  3. What are you doing back at MUDEC? What are you most excited about for your “comeback” to Luxembourg?
    I am fortunate to have a semester of research leave from the University of Alabama. And, since I can do my work anywhere, it was a great opportunity to come back to MUDEC to learn more about a successful study abroad program from the administrative and faculty side. I will also be able to collaborate with some of my European colleagues while here and – of course – do some traveling.

    I’m most excited to see how MUDEC and Luxembourg have changed and how they’re the same. It’s surreal to be back in the place that’s had such a profound impact on my life. At MUDEC I developed some of my closest friendships and learned so much inside the classroom and beyond it. Truly, I wouldn’t be who I am today without my time at MUDEC. Also, döner kebabs.☺️

  4. What do you like to do when you aren't on the job? 
    I love to travel — one of the passions I really developed at MUDEC in 2004. I’m also active with my local animal shelter and NPR station. Beyond that, I practice yoga, am an Orange Theory enthusiast, and try to see live music as much as possible.

  5. What is a fun fact about you that most people don't know?
    I never know how to answer this question. Hmm, I’ll pretty much never turn down a friend’s suggestion to see live music or go on an impromptu trip?

Erin Kearns at the airport this past weekend
Erin Kearns arriving at Lux Airport this past weekend

Travel Header

Integration Weekend Trip to Northern Luxembourg

From the US and German cemeteries and Luxembourg City, to Bourscheid, Vianden, Clervaux, Ettelbruck, Diekrich and Beaufort in the north, MUDEC students visited different parts of their new home country on Integration Weekend.
Students at the gate of the Luxembourg American Cemetery
Students at the gate of the Luxembourg American Cemetery
MUDEC students with the Lux skyline in the background
MUDEC students with the Lux skyline in the background
SFC in Clervaux
SFC in Clervaux
Students at Bourscheid Castle
Students at Bourscheid Castle

Epic Travel Misadventures

To kick off this semester's Epic Travel Misadventures, we go back to Fall 2019 student Julia Arwine's misadventures with her phone(s), as recently told to our friends at The Miami Student. No Hotline Bling, but she used to call you from her cellphone, when she had one, or two...

Get Your Travel Feet Wet in Trier-Discovery Tour

Friday is this semester's first Discovery Tour to an oldie (definitely old) but goodie (always good) destination, Trier. With morning visits to the Amphitheater and Roman Baths, and afternoon visits to the Porta Nigra and Constantine's Basilica, students will get a heavy dose of Roman history right across the border from Luxembourg.
Amphitheater Porta Nigra
Odds and Ends


A big "Alles Guddes" or "Vill Gléck fir däi Geburtsdag" to Alex Borowitz (last Tuesday) and Ava Hermann (tomorrow)!

This Week's Schedule

Monday: Classes

Philharmonie Concert at 20:00
Tuesday: Classes

Aquasud Guided Tour-Meet in the Château Lobby at 16:00 (4:00 pm)
Wednesday: Classes

Mandatory Safe Travel Talk with US Embassy Personnel-Grand Hall 18:15-19:15
Thursday: Classes

LUNEX Afterwork at the Schräinerai, also for MUDEC and Uni Lux students
Friday: No Classes
Service Learning Visits with Professor Briot-8:40-12:00

Get Your Travel Feet Wet in Trier Discovery Tour-8:30-17:00 (Service Learning will join for the afternoon only) 

Château & Administrative Hours
Aerial view of the Château de Differdange, where Miami's Luxembourg campus, the John E. Dolibois European Center, often abbreviated to MUDEC, is located

Château Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8:00-22:00
Friday: 8:00-17:00

Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Administrative Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00

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