Gulab Mukhallat - complex, rose-centric floral, fruity, balsamic bouquet
Gulab Mukhallat - complex, rose-centric floral, fruity, balsamic bouquet
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November 01, 2016
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Gulab Mukhallat Attar
Gulab Mukhallat Attar
Gulab Mukhallat Attar displays a wonderful, complex, rose-centric floral, fruity, balsamic bouquet of fine tenacity and potency created from a traditional blend of numerous natural essences. It can be used as a lovely perfume in itself or added to colognes, floral creations, sacred perfumes, incense bouquets, fougeres, and chypres.

The River Nile at Luxor
Bazar al-Eutur Perfume Recipe
The art of perfumery in Egypt has its roots in ancient times and continues to flourish in modern times. Egypt possesses a climate that is suitable for a wide variety of aromatic crops that have a wonderful range of olfactory properties. Flowers such as carnation, cassie, and jasmine; herbs such as geranium and violet leaf; seeds such as ambrette are all distilled and extracted on a regular basis. 

This new recipe celebrates Egyptians modern fragrance industry, the people who cultivate the plants, the plants themselves and the culture of the land. 

A free sample of "Bazar al-Eutur, بازار العطور Perfume Bazaar" is available on request for those who place a regular wholesale order that meets the $100 minimum. After placing your order email me a separate note requesting the sample of Bazar al-Eutur.The perfumes that are being created are not for sale. I make them in small batches, age them and then offer them as free samples to encourage others to pursue their own unique aromatics vision of what is beautiful. 

Image: The River Nile at Luxor

Precious Woods Melange
Precious Woods Melange
Precious Woods Melange is a blend of sandalwood, eaglewood, agarwood and patchouli essential oils displaying an eleagant, precious woods, balsamic, mossy bouquet of fine tenacity.

In natural perfumery it is used as a suave fixative base for a wide range of perfume families including amber bases, Oriental bouquets, elegant florals, chypres, fougeres, incense notes, and sacred perfumes.
Kewda Majmua Attar
Kewda Majmua Attar
Kewda Majmua Attar displays a lovely earthy, mossy, green, herbaceous, musky, ethereal floral note (its floral notes are derived from the traditional distillation of Pandanus odoratissiumus-Kewda flowers). Its aroma conveys the wonderful essence of the Monsoon season in India

Used as a perfume in itself and can be added to musk accords,  floral creations, earth essences, colognes, incense accords, and sacred perfumes.

Sweet Annie
Artemisia annua essential oil
Artemisia annua
"Sweet Annie"  
Wild Harvest

$20 oz

Regular  $25 oz
Basil, sweet, methyl-chavicol rich
Basil, Sweet Methylchavicol rich essential oil
Ociumum basilicum
$8 oz

Regular $12 oz
Combava Peel essential oil
Combava Peel essential oil
Citrus hystrix
Wild Harvest

$15 oz

Regular $18 oz
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Amber and blue, the smoke behind the hill,
   Where in the glow fades out the morning star,  
   Curtains the autumn cornfield, sloped afar,  
And strikes an acrid savour on the chill.
The hilltop fence shines saffron o'er the still
   Unbending ranks of bunched and bleaching corn, 
   And every pallid stalk is crisp with morn,  
Crisp with the silver autumn morns distil.
Purple the narrowing alleys stretched between  
   The spectral shooks, a purple harsh and cold,  
   But spotted, where the gadding pumpkins run,  
With bursts of blaze that startle the serene  
   Like sudden voices,—globes of orange bold,  
   Elate to mimic the unrisen sun.
                               -- from  Poems By Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
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