Welcome to our Newsletter with highlights from the Summer 1/2 Term
Dear Parents / Carers,

Welcome to this summer addition of our Secondary newsletter. In these strange times in which we find ourselves, it is great to be able to share with you the achievements of our children (and dare I say our families too)! Under difficult circumstances of maintaining work, family commitments and our own responses to the lockdown, we have all been thrown into homeschooling too. I can only commend the efforts of our families in keeping up with this where possible- it certainly is no small challenge. 

Further to the Prime Minister’s announcements and the government guidance received so far, the academy remains clear that we will only invite children and young people into the academy where we believe it is safe enough to do so as a result of staffing levels and smaller classes that will enable us to deliver educational provision in line with social distancing measures. You will receive more information on this in due course.

Like many staff in the academy, particularly in the primary phase, I have been in the academy on a weekly basis. Socially distanced conversation often turns to how much we miss our children and young people and how strange the academy feels without them. If you missed this on our social media, the link below is a small token of how it feels for us. We are looking forward to the day when our students can safely return.


Finally, I am delighted to confirm that Mr Phil Cosby, who has been with the academy for a number of years and has a good understanding of the academy’s community and the needs of the academy going forward, will take over as Interim Principal and CEO when I leave on 31st August. I am sure you would like to join your congratulations to mine - I am confident that he will do an excellent job and will continue to do all within his power to ensure the academy continues in its success!

I continue to wish you and your families good health and ask that you do your best to continue to stay safe.

Warm regards,  
Mrs A. Moise-Dixon
Principal and CEO 

Easter Quiz
Over the Easter holidays, year 7 pupils took part in a lock down Easter quiz which consisted of 5 rounds. Huge congratulations to the Double Trouble Bunnies who came in first place which consisted of Shareena (7 Beta) and Katrina (Year 5 Eagle) A big congratulations also to Dawidh (7 Beta) who came in 2nd place and Gerson (7 Alpha) who came in 3rd place.
Performing Arts
On Monday 4th May Mrs Windsor’s year 9 drama class were due to perform in Crongton Knights Drama Festival. Unfortunately due to the current situation they were not able to go ahead with the performance.

Alternatively, Paul Cree, our incredible workshop leader, had taken our ideas and used them to devise and direct a performer, broadcasting this live on Intsagram, Twitter & Facebook!

A massive well done to Mrs Windsor and her year 9’s on their success, if you missed the live performance you can still view it! Please see video below.

ARA orchestra Modulo workshop 28th February 2020

As part of our school orchestra's continuing participation in the Modulo program we were fortunate enough to welcome musicians Chris and Ted in on one of our rehearsals for a workshop. Orchestra members were able to gain valuable insight from Chris and Ted into the piece Vltava which they have been working hard on. They also enjoyed learning new rhythms to a new piece called Exile which was fast in tempo and very exciting. 
I would like to pass on my congratulations for the students participation and dedication to the group, and I look forward to many more exciting projects ahead, after this lockdown. 

Mr. Bai
ARA Community Choir
Alec Reed Academy community, it's time to get your voices ready! Did you know that singing makes you feel better?
Have a look at this video, then film yourself singing along or if singing is not your thing, film yourself waving or swaying along to be part of our community project. 
Send the videos to @alecreedperformingarts on Facebook or Instagram @alecreedpa on Twitter or music@alecreedacademy.co.uk 
Every Home A Theatre Challenge 
Mousetrap Theatre Projects have put together a #EveryHomeATheatre challenge.
Each week, they set a new creative challenge on a different theme and exploring different genres, techniques and more!
ARA students and staff have been taking part in this weekly challenge producing Oscar worthy performances, check them out for yourself below!
Mrs Windsor and Family - Hamilton
Mr Selby - Muppet Treasure Island

Mrs Lashmore-Bennett & Family - The Jungle Book
Mr Bai - Les Miserables
Student Shout-Outs
Well done to Connor in Year 7 for his initial ideas for a set design for Act 1, Scene 1 of Shakespeare's Macbeth (see image below)
Well done to Emilia in Year 10 - Emilia was asked to watch an online production of the play Crongton Knight. She produced a fantastic review, and did an in-depth analysis of the challenges she felt all job roles would have faced in producing the production. Mrs Windsor most impressed however, that she contacted one of the actors on social media and discussed the challenges he faced. She got a response (see below), and this really added to the quality and validity of her work. Great initiative!
Throughout the Academy closure, we have seen numerous examples of excellent home learning in year 7. These two pupils in particular have demonstrated excellent adaptability to change and have been awarded the most amount of achievement points for fantastic work.
Congratulations to both Akinola (7 Gamma) and Gerson (7 Alpha) for their hard work and dedication and well done to all pupils working hard to keep up with school work at this challenging time.
Well done to Jayden in Year 7 here are his fantastic costume designs from. The brief was to design costumes for the three witches from Macbeth. 
A massive well-done to 15 year 10 students with a very high amount of praise points achieved since school closure – amazing to see all the hard work that our students are continuing to put in!

Well done to:

- Sahiba, 10 Zeta

- Hania, 10 Zeta

- Mariam, 10 Alpha

- Emilia, 10 Delta

- Patrick, 10 Zeta

- Osedebamhen, 10 Delta

- Upneet, 10 Gamma

- Oliver, 10 Alpha

- David, 10 Zeta

- Gurveen, 10 Alpha

- Kaleb, 10 Alpha

- Ifeanyichukwu, 10 Gamma

- Amr, 10 Gamma

- Bhawanveer, 10 Alpha

- Joshua, 10 Epsilon
Click on the link below to see your virtual certificates: 

Well done to Zoard, 7 Beta, for creating a rainforest in a box with materials found around the house.  
Well done to Dharmi, 7 Beta, for creating a rainforest in a box with materials found around the house.  
Summer 1/2 Term - May 2020
Online Safegaurding Information 
New safeguarding hub for parents

The Key Support Service's have created a safeguarding hub that allows parents to access interactive guidance on setting up parental controls on your child’s devices, as well as guidance on apps like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and more, please click the link below to access this information:

How Do Students Upload Work Onto Classcharts?
If a teacher wants a student to submit work on ClassCharts, they will set this up this function when setting the work. The students can send documents and photos that the teacher can look at and leave feedback on.

To upload work the student needs to:

1. Click on the homework task

2. Click the 'upload attachment' button 

3. This then opens up their files on their computer/phone and they can select what they wish to upload.

 If you have any problems doing this please email enquiries@alecreedacademy.co.uk

Daily Lessons For Homeschooling From Bitesize
Here you'll find daily lessons for homeschooling in Maths and English for every year group, as well as regular lessons in Science, History, Geography and more.

The homeschooling lessons have been created with teachers and other educational experts and feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games.

Visit www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize to access these lessons 
COVID-19 and Home Learning
Following the announcement of school closure from Monday 23rd March, we wanted to summarise some key points that will enable the students to work effectively from home.

In planning for the closure of the school, both staff and students were given comprehensive guidance on how work will be set and accessed.

Setting of work - High School
Teachers will set work for each timetabled lesson through www.classcharts.com Work will be set by subjects either daily or set out for a particular week. Where possible, students should try to follow their timetable throughout each day, to ensure that they are giving the appropriate amount of time to each subject. Students and parents/carers should already have their own ClassCharts logins. If you do not have a login please contact info@alecreedacademy.co.uk

Completing work - High School
Students should complete the work in their books, on paper, digitally or in any other form that their teacher has set. All work completed should be saved and stored, as it will be collected when we return to the Academy. We ask that parents/carers check in with their children's work by spot checking or sampling some of the work that they have completed.

Communication with the Academy
If you have a query or question, please contact info@alecreedacademy.co.uk If you have a safeguarding concern related to an ARA student please also contact info@alecreedacademy or contact the Primary School Reception. Although reception will be staffed during the Academy day, if you have an urgent enquiry and you cannot reach reception, please called 079387744.
Other communication platforms including the school website, Facebook, Instagram and the Twitter feed, will be updated as the response to Covid-19 develops.

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